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What Wrong Did Raila Do To The Mt. Kenya That According To Them Whatever He Supports Is Wrong? | All Comments

2021-02-18 06:27:14
Well, it seems many Kenyans especially from The Mount Kenya Region, are not opposed to The Building Bridges Initiative but to one of the initiater, The Former Prime minister Hon.Raila Odinga. ...
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    02-18 09:50:02

    Nyumba ya Mumbi, you say you are God's people, God's people forgive unconditionally, whatever wrongs Raira committed unto you........Ruto committed twise as much. If you sanitized Ruto why not Raira, if you forgave Ruto why not Raila? If for example, people died in Kisumu, people died in Rift Valley. If people were displaced in Kibra, the worst displacement occured in Rift Vally. Why this selective forgivenss, You also did your part and you also need other people's forgiveness. Raila is a good man. For this once let us listen to Raila he has a good messange.

  • GUEST_OdLqXAmxe

    02-18 10:19:00

    Mt. Kenya value their throats, and they hate it when u force somethin, dowm their collective throat. We dont like being dictated to..

  • PatrickMaara

    02-18 08:25:46

    Those leaders don't hate RAILA they fear bbi if passed might be detrimental to their political careers most have questionable wealth


    02-18 19:14:23

    Well elaborated but these clueless minds cannot understand these

  • JuliusAmala_01

    02-18 11:50:29

    It is community that doesn't want order.

  • HissellsMulatya_01

    02-18 09:23:17

    Hope our friend David Ndii should read this.

  • GUEST_o8ynLL2Yy

    02-21 06:36:35

    This BBI is ment for benefits leaders,MCA were given 2m grant within 5days were in their bank ac inoder to pass this animal,at county assembly.what is wrong for WANJIKU to demand even 100k from government in refrandum vote.

  • CarlosSaf

    02-20 19:35:36

    taking time or not where is the document we are just fooled

  • YuleKaromiko

    02-20 05:12:41

    he never supports quality he supports quantity.

  • YonahAdero

    02-18 11:41:21

    It is not HATE.It is FEAR.Fear of people who have committed sin/crimes against Kenyan people and country.They fear Enigma will call them to account.They have sold this narrative to ordinary members of MUMBI Nation.Fear of a brave and principled Kenyan who might change the status quo.Remember the Dutch had fear of Mandela.Real phobia.This fear combined with somet

  • GUEST_2mk5mLozo

    02-18 10:47:07

    Choices have consequences

  • mangarapeter

    02-18 10:46:00

    Nonsense. You Raila haters are egoists and thankless! God doesn't sleep.

  • GUEST_OdLqXAmxe

    02-18 10:16:03

    Because has penchant for just demolish stable homes... Simple. Thats why raila is a no no in mt kenya... Simple..

  • GUEST_OlQjey27D

    02-18 10:31:38

    you foolish talk about coup do you have evidence? are you the one who was the president? were you the moi of the day? stupid haters, tribalism you just hate some one with no reason and claims you knows God than any community in this country.

  • GUEST_a8ZRjdwdL

    02-18 09:10:03

    we hate him

  • DanielDaniel_39

    02-20 05:11:12

    bbi has caused us unnecessary taxes n political tension... a week is not over after increasing fuel prices by 8shs.. basic commodities r being increased their prices daily ..if Bbi is good dcment why bribe politicians to pass it n increase taxes to the poor.

  • CharlesKimani_10

    02-18 10:57:29

    is it did democratically good to tell your tribe not to pay rent because the houses belong to people from mt kenya.This is simply the reason.

  • PatrickMaara

    02-18 09:32:29

    Karanja wa maara Who hates RAILA those are sheer lies, although to some few leaders, he is a threat to their political ambitions. You can learn that from RUTO who is totally confused and scared since handshake. That's why he claims to be a Christian, and scared of a mganga

  • georgerick

    02-18 09:21:34

    it's mount Kenya know they owe as a political debt twice,first oginga refused to form the government,to allow Kenyatta to be free,then jomo kicked him out,the instead of raila declaring kalonzo or musalia he declared kibaki tosha,they hate Lu'os but raila has lead in six of eight provinces in the last three ellections,or 15,years in attempt to isolate raila they isolated themselves,Kenyans will always stand with Luis no matter the hate speech aganist raila ,they should get busy with other matters if they can't vote raila we will always bote aganist them

  • JamesKanumi

    02-18 09:13:59

    I am from mt Kenya and those saying Raila is hated is false. Here there are two political camps of tanga tanga and kieleweke.If BBI is politicised here it will be divided between those two groups affecting proper voting. Hence the need to separate 2022 politics from BBI.

  • machariagichuhi29gichuhi

    02-18 11:03:42

    His followers are unruly,arrogant,bosty....and like free things....they,l just mess the country

  • +254-072365****

    02-18 09:21:18

    we don't hate Raila but we don't trust him period

  • FrancisLokong

    02-18 07:54:08

    Iam not a supporter of paying political debt philosophy but Kikuyu HATE for Raila shows how some community leaders can be that evil.. there is no better sacrifice than what Raila did to Kibaki and by extension liberating Kikuyu from the political yoke of KANU.. why hate him that much.. why turn the common Kikuyu against him with pure propaganda.. Raila is not evil as Kuria and his team say.... please write a better history of Raila even if you don't like the political party he leads

  • EDwardMuthee

    02-18 19:52:38

    I believe Rao will be better than wsr

  • GUEST_L1gqwPLav

    02-18 19:50:21

    My take is that Raila and Uhuru are good people. But if only they could distance themselves from people like Murathe, Kamanda, Orengo Junet Mbandi, etc etc, I believe Mt Kenya people could accept Raila totally. They could even join hands with Ruto, again if Ruto could distance himself from the likes of Murkomen, Sudi etc etc and our country could have peace not only MtKenya but the whole country. My take ]

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