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Dunia Kwisha! Kwale Women Protest After Their Husbands Turned To Homose-xuality | All Comments

2021-02-23 14:03:57
When God made a man he purposely made a lady later to help him in procreation and earthly things.However the world is slowly changing as mn have turned towards other men, which clearly goes against all the African norms nd traditions. ...
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  • peterweston

    02-23 16:06:42

    bring seven women to me

  • georgerick

    02-23 15:44:14

    the same wemen frastrated men into this evil trade,coz of stress and too much financial demands,men have left them to sort themselves out,they need to look up to themselves to be able to go places they have too much expectations than can be handled by these broke u p men

  • YacubIbn-ahmad

    02-24 04:38:50

    in kwale 90% are muslims if I'm not wrong,and Muslim women's wear a buibui or dera mostly,hapa soon haya mmoja ana fanana na kwale.

  • ThomasMutsune

    02-23 18:00:29

    Kuja kakamega muliro gardens he he...., ebindu bichenjanga

  • GUEST_yRnqDZ8An

    02-23 17:18:41

    Wanawake wamekua wajeuli wakule ujeuli wao

  • Arsenal100%

    02-23 19:49:58

    same photos in Nyeri demos,Meru demos,Kwale demos....anyway,if they can allow men to marry more than 2wives then hii ni kitu kidogo tu.

  • GUEST_APEw098kD

    02-23 19:19:21

    Ukambani is near, come on

  • GUEST_nrWvqaRGj

    02-23 18:11:56

    It's okay women this days are gold diggers

  • peterweston

    02-23 16:06:14

    hapo sawa ,,nipewe saba wake wanataka mwanaume

  • siyatabdi

    02-24 21:29:32

    Dunia simama Nishuke

  • GUEST_jmreMww27

    02-24 05:35:35

    kakamega mwisho

  • EvansAyora

    02-23 18:10:55

    they have learned that men are important

  • GUEST_b9gBVqX2B

    02-23 16:22:53

    Mla chake hana aibu wekule ujeuli wao

  • GUEST_GPnYpngep

    02-24 12:07:41

    Those are kiambu women and their story has been online a few years now.

  • GUEST_OdLqXAmxe

    02-24 09:18:54

    I detest homosexuality, bt u eomen may be yr own enemies... Single women, sumbua... Married women, sumbua + babe not tonight.. Haki niko na headache... So the good men will have a non sumbua side chick, the silly and pathetic ones, shogas... The wise ones, multiple legal wives... They can't fake a headache at the same time🤣🤣🤣pambaneni na hali zenu...

  • GUEST_1j2zEjmYW

    02-24 06:11:35

    None of those are from kwale stop tarnishing people's county


    02-24 05:45:07

    tuko hapo kujeni


    02-23 19:51:32

    Let those women not to b expensive for men

  • GUEST_eVD2gzP2E

    02-23 18:18:15

    How can I find them

  • GUEST_lO8E1V2Na

    02-23 18:01:33

    I need eleven

  • N.O.I.C

    02-23 17:32:00

    hippy ladies yah!!what are men looking for?


    02-23 15:43:54


  • GUEST_WAgkYwnrq

    02-23 16:05:05



    02-24 13:48:15

    God have mercy and help your lost people 🙏

  • GUEST_KOjpygx9r

    02-24 11:59:44

    this not mwangulu

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