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Ugandan Lady Who Gave Birth in a Basin Alone, Offered a big Bungalow to stay In With her Kids | All Comments

2021-02-23 16:18:32
A Ugandan lady was aired by Tuko a few days ago.She narrated her sorrowful story that touched many people.Lynn Ngugi pleaded with the Tuko family to help the young lady and her baby. ...
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  • KennedyLuhombo

    02-23 19:44:09

    Glory to God.

  • Kairitu

    02-23 18:23:33

    May God bless the US lady who has given her a place and job.

  • +254-71739****

    02-23 19:44:14

    The All Mighty Father is great, don't abort unborn child, every child has it's own blessing

  • GUEST_kXQ5lWj5Y

    02-23 19:38:51

    Let not that stupid man to come again!!

  • Kairitu

    02-23 18:22:54

    Good that she got help. Hope she gets something to do after that.

  • GhandaMaisha

    02-23 19:44:00

    Lynn Ngugi your work is extraordinary God has blessed you with a gift of helping others. Asante sana lynn. may the Almighty increase your blessings.

  • Theblesseddove

    02-24 08:51:45

    so inspiring but did I just so" lent arrears" 😊

  • GUEST_kXQ5lWj5Y

    02-23 19:40:20

    The study man will come to millk you since you are gating surpot

  • MinLapwony

    02-23 18:41:56

    We serve a mighty God

  • GUEST_52r5YyZMJ

    02-24 10:03:47

    Jesus never fails

  • GUEST_dqwpVDkdO

    02-24 05:22:23

    our God doesn't sleep not slamber 🙏🙏 Hallelujah Amen and Amen

  • GUEST_9Allgy4px

    02-24 04:49:54

    God can make wonders..I believe Caleb is going to become an important person in this world when he grows.

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