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"Just Like You Ignored Moi And He Ruled For 24 Years, Mark My Word, Am Not Different,"Says Joho | All Comments

2021-02-16 19:09:46
The Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho insisted today that he was going to be in ballot come the general election and that there was nothing that was going to stop him. ...
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  • GUEST_qLj9r9oMM

    02-17 05:03:05

    How many jobs has joho created for mombasa youths?? The other day KWS had 100 vacancies in their department guess how many people turned out 5000. What has he given them erk a living with???

  • GUEST_MK978ME8a

    02-17 17:14:35

    Hata huna haya ukiongea umewahi saidia wangapi

  • CalebKwemboi_01

    02-17 15:20:07

    Hutu nato sijui anachanganywa na vitu gani????

  • +254-72906****

    02-17 13:24:58

    kicks of a dying horse...Fatuma mchafu..

  • AdikaAriengo

    02-17 07:49:59

    Your power rests on Raila.Leave Raila and form your party is when you can prove to people that you can be president.Still you are jocker

  • GUEST_xm64rYNVv

    02-16 20:17:36

    Hii fangi jooh🧐🤔🤔🤔

  • LukeMwangi

    02-17 11:35:30

    A drug peddlar casting stones....

  • GUEST_ZQRl5j1Jq

    02-17 08:05:17

    Tagataga tu. Pure kafisa

  • GUEST_KgMZxWk2w

    02-17 13:20:00

    Moi was next to the seat of power, kibaki and Uhuru the same. Sasa wewe uko wapi. Just stop clinging on RAO and we see what happens next

  • GUEST_7Ry0Ow1N0

    02-17 14:51:04

    so you think constant attacks to dp will make you president? surely wonders never end.let me advice you if you want to win don't use the system your father of orange demo. party is using change .stop attacking other leaders and give us your manifesto tells us what you will do if given the chance otherwise you will fail miserably

  • PeterKwinga_01

    02-17 12:25:09

    No body ignores you Get a real degree first

  • georgerick

    02-17 08:00:23

    moi got residential,opportunity free,you got to work brother siama Senate time is not ripe creating coast tribal party with two mca will lead yup know where,just stick with baba ama unaogopa arap mashamba

  • LenaKinyanjui

    02-17 02:29:58

    Hahaha, how do you compare urself with Moi?Your a political dreamer, infact you will be a nobody in 2022.

  • GUEST_7Bv6j03Rm

    02-16 20:43:03

    When this fake sultan mixes sisha and weed thinks he can be president of kenya. Her excellence!

  • ThomasWandai_01

    02-17 04:04:01

    Day dreaming Character, who has made Mombasa youth into cabbages for being involved in narcotic drugs trade. It is laughable that he is equating himself with Moi

  • Queen_sprinkle

    02-16 22:16:20

    sawa katarina tunakupenda tu hvyo 001😂😂

  • KasaineKasaine

    02-16 20:57:16

    A passing cloud that lasted 24years

  • GUEST_Nld98qBDJ

    02-16 21:18:47

    Wewe uza vitumbua na maji ya okwajo sawa boss

  • GUEST_vNqdqgB9j

    02-17 08:29:56

    you have made Mombasa suffer more than the historic injustices by allowing SGR to take away jobs


    02-16 20:56:27

    You can't even build a stadium in your county how will you bring development in kenya?

  • GUEST_01x6xzKbd

    02-17 05:15:21

    I love this guy,count my vote

  • GUEST_q5jMbyYa1

    02-17 04:55:02

    Well and good

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