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What Kenyans Noticed After Tanzania President Suluhu Hosted Her First Cabinet Meeting In Tanzania | All Comments

2021-03-19 13:26:12
Following the death of Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, his Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in today to take the office.The new President of Tanzania has received a lot of congratulatory message. ...
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    03-19 15:55:34

    kama Tanzania hakuna corona, bona kikwete huwa anavaa mask all throughout??

  • AsiaEsther

    03-19 18:22:09

    Leave Tanzanians alone let them believe what they want to believe all the nations advocating masks are dying and on the second wave even the jabs are killing them give them a break and let them stand firm in their faith after all no Tanzanian is seeking refuge in any nation because of Corona in their country

  • GUEST_bOM1DaaxN

    03-19 19:21:59

    even your Kenyan leaders In most of the public rallies they have no masks..don't criticize like n idiot

  • GUEST_8VxzBra46

    03-19 15:47:58

    Despite that fact their citizenry is not having any ksa billions scandal to pay for,let it be

  • PhiliphMaina

    03-19 14:35:34

    these guys are ignorant .

  • GUEST_ZQRl5j1Jq

    03-19 19:29:39

    Tz will continue learning hard lessons the hard way. Ignorance has no defence

  • kamrindi

    03-19 17:32:37

    Kenya don't really wear mask.

  • GUEST_ed6qEvYYr

    03-21 09:24:33

    Tanzania is one among the least educated country .The country has a huge percentage of low literacy levels.

  • Makomuonobunde-omuono

    03-19 18:51:32

    We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.

  • ameriajuss

    03-19 17:26:56

    They know what none else knows...let them be...

  • +254-71133****

    03-19 16:46:20

    labda wako nayo already

  • GUEST_PyWXo4o92

    03-20 09:53:05

    Only Jesus is above the Corona however, with faith everything is possible 🤔

  • GUEST_r2PQq7gDx

    03-19 23:22:30

    Who was surprised by Pombes demise? With corona around and all the denials, it was a matter of when. Will we be surprised with more honorable funerals to follow this year?

  • GUEST_0P8AvOKkd

    03-19 18:09:19

    she is like her departed predecessor

  • @Mamboley61

    03-19 17:36:54

    Despite the fact that we are no better in observing the guidelines, our brothers and sisters are nowhere near good. Africans will always be learning in the hardest way. Ukweli utabaki pale pale, mkimeza mkitema, ni kubaya!

  • WycliffeIndakwaOk

    03-20 06:54:15

    They should lead asexample

  • DavidMutua_15

    03-19 20:04:37

    They just what to make people not understand what caused the magufuli end time

  • Bazuu

    03-20 11:33:16

    No wonder ndio wanatumia katiba ya mbeberu since 1976.Analog pple.

  • JustinMtucks_01

    03-19 19:49:01

    People will never learn, Corona has killed many government leaders in Tanzania, yet those who are lucky to live are not following covid rules

  • EldadOmollo

    03-19 19:45:13

    I don't think being careless in your talk will stop from dying when your time comes. Some Kenyans talk rubbish about our neighbouring country. Too bad.

  • GUEST_9LQV2yLl0

    03-19 19:11:12

    you people are stupid u think when being told lies about covid19. here in Kenya is real, you even in tz there is corona, stylup


    03-19 18:58:38

    they seem not to learn simple basics ....mask social distance..eeeehh

  • BonnyBonya

    03-19 16:56:21

    nose mask first priority, and meeting second.

  • GUEST_51V6bn1q3

    03-19 16:11:45

    wear mask mama samia

  • Scaramanga

    03-19 15:42:50


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