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William Ruto's Strongest Support Finally Revealed | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:18:08
Its either William Ruto is a proverbial cat with nine lives or his nemeses are using ineffective methods to humble him politically. For years and months now, Anti- Ruto crusaders have staged a well spirited campaign to dismount William' s camp but wherever ...
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  • SayyidHumeidSayyid

    02-02 19:20:10

    God's grace and mercy on Dr Ruto.... God's time is the perfect time

  • VictorChege_01

    02-02 17:45:48

    Am humbled by this fact. Keep it up.

  • GUEST_goewzEgOM

    02-03 07:04:46

    God is everything, Keep it up Mr. President Ruto.

  • GUEST_a60jjDDRd

    02-03 06:40:04

    The biggest support for Ruto is God only,let them say these, that, ganging up against him but God is the only supporter of the hustlers Nation, Mungu mbele na Ruto.

  • GUEST_lmlow7DXq

    02-03 00:13:19

    William keep on praying.we also pray for you that God will deliver success to you

  • GUEST_W2mZ74bmB

    02-02 16:47:02

    You have said it Mr Manyara. His closeness to God is his strength. May God bless and keep him dafe

  • EmmanuelMakhanu

    02-02 16:40:03

    Is it TRUE Mr Manyara ?

  • GUEST_58vbxGXbB

    02-03 14:40:58

    am his supporter.

  • GUEST_MvJpg103a

    02-03 13:20:17

    Let the proud and powerful soar in the skies, let them pretend not be aware of poor and weak, let them come with fist fights at funerals because they are fond of scaring the weak and poor people...but the God in heaven has answered.

  • GUEST_MvJpg103a

    02-03 13:13:47

    God's grace is sufficient. Prayer powerhouses for the anointed one are everywhere.

  • GUEST_bOxLgP0go

    02-03 11:50:11

    God uses the feeble, its Gods anointing on him being fought

  • SusanSang

    02-03 11:16:34

    Amen and may the ALMIGHTY God shield him from the evil world.

  • GUEST_Wq8KlRnm5

    02-03 10:11:47

    William keep on praying and the almighty God will answer your prayers positively. "Knock and the door shall be opened into you, seek and you shall find, ask and you shall be given.

  • GUEST_aNjax8l6d

    02-03 09:56:39

    The lord is my shepherd,I shall not want.Those who wait upon the Lord shall mount wings ,they shall walk but not faint,they shall run but not be weary,the lord will the strength of those who trust in him

  • GUEST_DB40v8wY5

    02-04 04:01:37

    What God has blessed no dynasty can change be alert that Ruto is a chosen leader from God


    02-03 08:31:27

    Yap there is God for the poor .he will manage bcoz of God's people.

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