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Sorrow as KDF recruit who threatened to beat up KDF military officers dies hours later | All Comments

2021-02-13 09:27:29
On Friday, February 12, an inexperienced Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) recruit who engaged in a widely publicized incident in which he tried to beat up military personnel in Kilifi County passed away. ...
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  • Jm.sabuni

    02-13 19:08:28

    Hii ni mbaya!.It was about to happen to me but fortunate enough I decided to discipline the meal.All stress and pressure went to the meal.Bado na pumua plus ile ingine.Uziulize ile ingine gani.

  • AngelKamau

    02-13 17:54:49

    this is witchcraft actually

  • Rfmodule

    02-13 13:39:00

    Poleni Familia. I would like to tell KDF that they should devise new methods of recruitment. The existing method is outdated

  • MutheuMusyoka

    02-13 12:51:14

    Oh my God!

  • NyachirohPhelistine

    02-13 20:48:00

    oooh my God so painful indeed,,, may God rest her saul in peace

  • NyakundiNyakundiMonto

    02-13 19:04:01


  • GUEST_QV61k1nO2

    02-13 17:06:56

    what happened? stabilisation? maybe a postmortem will tell

  • GUEST_9XK86JqnN

    02-14 01:59:42

    Ni kodza kare riro

  • GUEST_B9MlWwyXy

    02-13 16:13:09

    Witchcraft is real

  • GUEST_GoB8romN5

    02-13 14:13:22

    In fact to me I can advise the KDF to recruit and take all pple who want to become a KDF Officer, many youth we're jobless why can't we join the job.

  • SteveOdhiambo_06

    02-13 13:42:54

    This is generational curse,the devil saw luck coming his way and gave him a proper timing,so sad but it's high time we pray more to avoid such untimely lose.

  • GUEST_W4l3aVnEP

    02-14 08:04:21

    pole,check on the medical dose given

  • GUEST_05Ql2W9zN

    02-14 05:02:32

    family to carry out postmatam

  • GordonJuma

    02-13 20:07:13

    waaah may his soul rest in eternal peace

  • JaneMbeke

    02-14 07:41:00

    what is the cause of death?

  • GUEST_wn8Aq2RKw

    02-13 18:56:18

    Rip and very sorry to the family

  • AxisKenya

    02-13 13:59:32

    What happened surely,i read this story on thursday

  • GUEST_npllvRvqA

    02-13 13:18:12

    Sorry to the family if he didn't use any stimulant drugs for motivation

  • HellenAchieng_07

    02-16 19:03:50


  • ffransmuchez

    02-14 05:57:32

    something went amiss in the background maybe someone bewitched the guy

  • essserleem

    02-14 01:34:27

    am of the opinion that mkono wa mtu ulicheza hapo watu hawatakiani uzuri these days

  • PhilipMumiah

    02-13 19:36:11

    very painful to the family and friends so sad anyway God will be there for you be strong

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