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The Day Simba Arati Was Rushed to Hospital After Elderly MP Attacked Him Using Natural Weapon-PHOTOS | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:23:42
Kenyans are yet to come to terms with how the drama unfolded in Kisii when two lawmakers, Dagoretti North Simba Arati and his South Mugirango counterpart Sylvanus Osoro clashed and exchanged blows. On Monday, Kenyans were left talking in disbelief after a ...
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  • PiusKimuge

    02-05 12:15:33

    do, go

  • GUEST_K5NdwKR1m

    02-02 17:14:18

    Shame on you Simba Arati, our deputy president William Samohe Tutto deserves Respect,

  • GUEST_ARnOl5nkz

    02-02 14:30:29

    Arati ni simba

  • GUEST_wloOANM2y

    02-02 16:37:24

    Taxes are going to hit us down to the ground in case we pass BBI, like arati vs osoro.

  • GUEST_n1r1E0yW3

    02-02 16:04:21

    Pole Sana. Your mouth betrayed you. Silence talks louder than words. Your youngest already knows that their father cannot wish a battle. He is a weakling

  • GUEST_2XPD3bkpX

    02-02 15:00:12

    Should be in prisons for inciting public over post elections violence at a funeral.

  • GUEST_b6zw9mwzy

    02-02 14:39:34

    arati feck leader

  • KenKenzo_01

    02-02 13:32:22

    Respect your elders

  • KenKenzo_01

    02-02 13:32:11

    No wonder he was not willing to take chances again

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