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Bad News to Chelsea As Senegal and Morocco Qualify for AFCON 2022 | All Comments

2021-03-26 05:24:17
Most football clubs in the world are in an international break, This includes the teams from German, England, Spain, and France for their home matches qualifications group stage. ...
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  • +225-0135****

    03-27 00:52:27

    witch bad news did you talking about.

  • OteneVictor

    03-28 21:54:06

    you can't judge Rashford.. don't even know the story..

  • AiyeyemiAdebola

    03-26 15:53:21

    Bad news your wish always for Chelsea! What is bad news in Chelsea players performing brilliantly for their countries and by so doing improving their forms, anyway we pray they will continue to shine while you will continue your daft syndrome!

  • GideonChidiEberechukwuCliff

    03-26 22:41:45

    Don't mind this busy body should it be bad news or good news i know you will always wish Chelsea bad but you won't succeed fire on Chelsea players we are proud of you

  • PartnerBenn

    03-26 18:57:43

    Na so wellbeck deny Ghana,now England deny him forever,na so Tammy Abraham snub Naija, England put am for backseat.very soon eye go clear people like Eze & saka

  • josphatkingola

    03-27 17:51:34

    What kind of reasoning do you have? So to you Chelsea would be happy if their players do not get engaged in internasional competitions ? Shame on you!!!!

  • +254-72594****

    03-26 17:32:00

    useless Rash Ford

  • man-hede

    03-26 08:02:06

    How can you say its bad news for Chelsea. We are proud of our players to represent their country not like Rashford denying his father in Ghana kkkkk

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