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Sad Story of How The First Man to be Admitted in an American University Was Made to Sit Alone | All Comments

2021-02-23 12:48:21
Racism has been one of the biggest problems affecting people worldwide.When someone of a different colour or nationality goes somewhere he/she is seen differently.Africans suffer the most when they go to the whites because according to them black is not an ...
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  • SilasSilas_03

    02-23 17:43:58

    that's why I love to be African and not black white.and HV no any disire to go in western countries

  • GUEST_Wj61j73R2

    02-25 15:52:31

    tramp is out ..racism was part of him

  • GUEST_Q7gpPmMbb

    02-24 01:36:30

    We should also begin segregating whites when they come for studies in Africa😁


    02-23 14:58:32

    Racism has many faces-it just keeps on getting smarter- over the years it's become subtle yet highly guarded.

  • Mkenyanewszone

    02-24 08:36:35

    Black is our blood,, we shall kill racism soon

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