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Kenyan Lawyer Reported as Magufuli's 'Baby Mama' Issues Statement | All Comments

2021-03-18 17:26:19
A popular city lawyer has come out all guns blazing to denounce a viral post that had taken the internet by a storm. ...
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  • GUEST_1JBa9Ex5k

    03-19 05:25:19

    Ninyi ni walewale wa pesa tu mkisikia mtu amekufa mwajitokeza ,mbona hukujitokeza pale alikuwa amelazwa Nairobi hospital?hebu peleka njaa zako huko !

  • GUEST_N7qkM5lX5

    03-19 06:30:23

    uongo mtupuu

  • Lovie

    03-18 18:44:48

    Kenyans are full of crap


    03-19 08:54:58

    wakikuyu hamchoki

  • LastoneMulenga_02

    03-18 20:36:22

    let the man rest, you will reap what you are sowing by painting black an innocent person.we should just learn from him.Thats why Africa will not develop.We criticize even where it is not necessary.

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