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Kenyans gangs up against president Uhuru Kenyatta following these remarks on leadership integrity | All Comments

2021-02-04 14:05:48
Kenyans online have come out to react after president uhuru Kenyatta made a statement on the leadership of this country. The country is currently going through a difficult political moments as the political temperatures are increasing day by day. This is a ...
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  • GUEST_0B74xp2Db

    02-04 17:34:08

    ,what ashame. 20 cars escorting sonko as if he is a thief. shame shame waste of resources and someone will yap he did it. He is a father and kids are crying

  • GUEST_0B74xp2Db

    02-04 17:32:30

    bure kabisa

  • MeshachSitati

    02-04 16:07:13

    Mr President stop expressing yourself but instead slowly move to the nearest church and repent though I know that God will not forgive you ju kubadilika badilika kwako even pia usijisamehe,then nakuomba umwambie Matiang'i awashonee those traffic officers uniforms zenye ziko na pockets refu refu ju Kama we mwenyewe unabribe usi expect anybody kubehave......

  • DanielWanyoike_02

    02-04 18:51:01

    Keep up Mr. President...

  • tumbo_02

    02-04 17:15:39

    A whole forner Governor is carried more than Saddam Hussein was handled.

  • FrancisMuigai_01

    02-04 15:59:25

    A leader is to show the way, Anza wewe nasi tumalizie Bora tusielewane vibaya.

  • KanyuaGitari

    02-04 16:03:56

    Yes we should differentiate between Arrogance, boldness and the truth

  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    02-04 16:40:46

    You led in the front line. Kenyans now following you

  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    02-04 16:40:04

    You are out of control mr president

  • JosephMurage_03

    02-04 15:54:46

    Arrogance Started with you you have shown us your arrogance the way you talk nowadays Also you do not follow the constitution both constitution of Kenya and Jubilee constitution

  • +254-71133****

    02-04 16:43:30

    endeleeni tu!!!!!! pia PREZZO ako na supporters wake ni vile we dont have time ya kupiga ndomo like FOOLS.

  • Mwasnews

    02-04 18:17:20

    what is wrong with his reasoning?

  • AthonyMunene

    02-04 17:57:08

    I once said this prezzo isn't in normal mental state he needs a urgent medical mental check up!!

  • +254-72199****

    02-04 16:28:24

    you ignored the one who helped you become president

  • GUEST_Eb8yA0lxJ

    02-04 15:47:48

    A good leader doesn't need to remind his subjects he is the boss

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