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Go ahead and kill us but, you'll be asked for our blood in Heaven - Kimani Ngunjiri | All Comments

2021-02-11 10:58:42
Kimani Ngunjiri member of parliament for Bahati constituency has today disclosed that they're are doing just what the president instructed them to be doing,in a live Facebook interview with one Him. ...
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    02-11 16:25:50

    honestly are you a kid or a grown up??

  • MimiChosen

    02-11 14:39:37

    Why does this man keep on talking about 'Killing'...is he a murderer himself?????

  • IgnatiusMbui

    02-11 14:51:02

    menge ttma menge 👹 true hon Kimani, wakati wa kuitisha kula twaitwa Gema wakisha pata wanajiita nyumba , sisi Embu na Meru ni takatka

  • PeterNjuguna_09

    02-11 12:47:38

    KIMANI simba hajanyeshewa chunga was plant anything like sonko wanaweza Sema you defiled a neighbor of 1month


    02-11 13:37:59

    Heaven now, wonderful, who would kill you, for what? Uhuru has work to do. it's only your venom that can kill you.

  • GUEST_rx0r2NmqA

    02-11 13:59:58

    Sir.... only a fool who does not change his mind. I think you are thick in your head because Uhuru meant 10yrs as president and10yrs for Ruto as deputy... Otherwise he could have broken it after 5years and looked for another running mate like me


    02-12 07:55:33

    kimani you have eyes but you don't see.you have brain but you don't use.when your son disrespect you, instead of correcting him you are asking where the rain started beating?

  • AndrewAbuga

    02-12 02:08:52

    Kimani ngunjiri you are an old man but you are taking like a. kind.you have talked for years that Uhuru is killing you, how special are you to be killed? what is special have you done to this country to make Uhuru to kill you? You are imagining things which can not help you anything. You are talking unground things like sonko.


    02-12 07:58:21

    kimani family please help your old man to think straight. and clear the virus which is eating him up

  • StephenChege_03

    02-11 16:16:53

    Any clever person does not fight for someone else as if the fight is his own, it is wise to be impartial.

  • JamesKanumi

    02-11 15:52:14

    You are another fool kimani Ngunjiri.First the president talked about thieves, are you a thief?or your boss is a thief. Has Uhuru's 10years ended. Return to reason man.

  • JoseGikonyo

    02-11 14:25:58

    Pia Mungu hapendi wajinga!This man though

  • J.jNjuny

    02-13 20:25:47

    your blood can't be asked in the heaven. How and what good have you done for your blood to be asked for..

  • GUEST_1d18BDpR3

    02-13 17:00:19

    uhuru is Avery big thief


    02-12 19:08:23

    useless. you are nothing in Kenyan politics


    02-12 01:14:12

    if viruses are swimming in your blood. stop blaming others.

  • GUEST_qdovLwWVA

    02-11 18:46:27

    Bloody idiots what about Luos you have been killing since Independence does it mean they are less humans go to bloody hell idiot

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