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Blow To Ruto And Hustler Nation As IEBC Takes This Move Concerning BBI | All Comments

2021-02-17 10:30:21
Deputy President William Ruto has been on the forefront in castigating Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) together with his Tanga Tanga Members of Parliament.In a series of rallies held countrywide, the former minister of Agriculture, has been campaigning f ...
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  • GUEST_a60jjDDRd

    02-17 14:00:27

    Where is the blow,did Ruto refuse for ballot papers to be printed,huwo ni ujinga,let them print and we are there to say NO.

  • EvansJuma_07

    02-17 13:26:51

    Show us how Ruto has been blown. Secondly, We Tangatanga are not going to take part.

  • GUEST_o7AOl7dYd

    02-17 14:35:53

    Whether you like or not bbi is through

  • GUEST_Pe47BBpP3

    02-18 14:05:44

    Ruto has never said NO to BBI. he only wanted consensus. people want to push him to say NO which he has refused.

  • +254-072****

    02-17 13:11:55

    THIS IS not news,has you want us to believe, IEBC are just doing there constitutional mandate, nothing new.

  • GUEST_o7AOl7dYd

    02-17 14:39:37

    If you tanga tanga people have taken rutos money, give back because bbi is there to stay

  • DicksonAchieng

    02-18 12:16:30

    This is a done deal , don't waste your time BBI is president's brain child Tanga Tanga has no say here the deal is done.

  • +254-71112****

    02-17 15:34:31

    chebukati is not sapost wast tyme, tell them the truth the game is over

  • GUEST_lzRrpoYvV

    02-17 14:15:57

    What do u mean by "blow to Ruto"?Which school did yoy go to?Let ballots come! Let campaigns proper start.Bbi will be certainly be voted out!

  • GUEST_0Ab38P5EW

    02-17 15:39:18

    He is opposing

  • TomickyRandu

    02-18 05:42:50

    Kenyans are sure of holding 2022 elections with new constitutions. Kenyans know.

  • GUEST_0Ab38P5EW

    02-17 15:49:01

    Bbi is through

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