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PHOTOS: DP Ruto Discloses Details of His High Profile Tuesday Meeting in Karen, Nairobi County | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:02:18
2022 is fast approaching and the general election is around the corner. Different leaders eyeing elective positions have started selling their agendas to get support come 2022. (Photo, Courtesy) Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday morning held a high ...
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  • GUEST_Vne3XDDl0

    02-02 15:09:05

    These are things he should have done long time ago.

  • DavidWainaina_03

    02-02 15:56:52

    on point and government should stop borrowing from local banks if not reduce these will leave banks with no option but to lend to smes


    02-02 21:33:47

    Would you employ someone who has generally failed to accomplish his core duties for 8 years and scored below average? That person is the DP William Ruto. As a CO-PILOT (not makanga) in the JUBILEE administration, we see OVERPRICED and misplaced public projects e.g.. SGR and Galana. Failed projects like laptops and stadiums. AND... that suspect Medical Equipment Services which WSR was sooo passionate about forcing Governors to sign. Remember HIYO PESA SO YA MAMA YAKO rally? Flee from WSR

  • georgeodhiambo_02

    02-02 17:16:58

    Ruto is obsessed.

  • +254-72090****

    02-02 16:17:07

    I think this HUTSLER CLERK has the solution of pur problems at hand

  • +254-72538****

    02-02 15:44:32

    Kama serikali himetekwa yara na raila jamaa angetumia pesa ya nani

  • GUEST_509mY9NpE

    02-02 15:37:35

    It's time to be lied to by politicians..same, same, old promises

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