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"Mimi Sio Hustler Na Hamtanitisha," Treasury CAS Tells Off Mourners At Mighty Salim's Funeral | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:35:46
(Nelson Gachuihie) On Tuesday, Different leaders from Mt Kenya trooped to Subukia to bid farewell to fallen Mugithi singer Mighty Salim in Nakuru County. Several high profile politicians were in attendance including Governor Lee Kinyanjui, vocal Gatundu so ...
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  • GUEST_4JKjG5eVp

    02-02 16:25:43

    this is a very articulate leader who knows what he wants for his people . Hustler issue is a phantom. Kikuyu Nation wake

  • CosmasNyarwati

    02-04 16:35:44

    he talked sense but hustlers are not ready to listen to the voice of reason. what is good, to go for a bursary from your MCA or a few getting wheelbarrow from the DP?

  • GUEST_qyql4KDML

    02-03 08:15:46

    That's what'we call leadership,stand by your principle


    02-02 20:10:40

    This narratives if not checked can land this country in to chaos or anarchy we are peaceful people what we want is peace more than any thing else

  • GUEST_N7jNGrlnm

    02-02 18:09:49

    yes tell them!!!!

  • YonahAdero

    02-02 16:47:02

    Hustler is not a ticket to anywhere!!

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    02-02 15:47:11

    that's why ulihurumiwa tu na uhuru

  • MwauraChege

    02-02 23:08:28

    Gaichūhîe ta kamūtī.

  • +254-72394****

    02-02 19:17:48


  • VartaBlackman

    02-02 18:27:06

    Churning out bad leaders is their forte. When will they learn how to make their voting powers useful to the rest of Kenyans.

  • EvansJuma_07

    02-02 16:07:09

    And that's why you were unwanted at the funeral.

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