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"Welcome Home," Mt Kenya Senator Decamps To TangaTanga | All Comments

2021-02-11 14:29:20
Muranga'a senator Irungu Kanga'ta seems to have joined William Ruto's TangaTanga camp.This comes not long ago after he was kicked out by the ruling party from his Senatorial Chief Whip position for 'Misconduct'. ...
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  • MukendaMbola

    02-11 15:36:28

    kamsaliti kamerudi kwao Sasa kangata ndiye nani kisiasa

  • GUEST_m8Nzk8gzE

    02-11 19:27:14

    he belongs there,useless coward,I can't imagine him in that company

  • GUEST_6YbWOR1xx

    02-11 16:36:29


  • GUEST_lzOGoyQP2

    02-12 18:28:58

    you will Rent a kikuyu bt you can't buy a kikuyu..take that to your account

  • JamesNjogu_03

    02-11 15:43:04

    useless sell out kangata,..but as per now it Tangawizi or Tangawezi,the gang is all about looting ,buying weak politicians ,ad giving handouts to bonda bonda boy to do heckling and walkout in burial ceremonies ! this what they are empowerment

  • JN100

    02-11 16:30:53

    most balds are in tangatanga. erosion.

  • GUEST_2XPD3bkpX

    02-11 19:22:05

    Good news, welcome, it's Rutouhuru.


    02-11 18:34:56

    Pay day at Karen is kesho. Yani every Friday

  • LawrenceBosire_03

    02-11 18:12:29

    Just put it clear that Kangata has joined the opposition simple

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