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Meet Xtian Dela's Beautiful Girlfriend, Fatmah Banj | All Comments

2021-02-05 04:30:57
Aurther Mandela famously known as Xtian Dela, is a Kenyan YouTuber, blogger, social media personality and the most celebrity influencer. [Photo; Courtesy] Xtian has always been a secretive person when it comes to his love life. Ever since he met his missin ...
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    02-06 00:32:57

    fatmah makende

  • GUEST_8dQvOmkZZ

    02-06 03:36:15

    Dame huvuta bhangi kama chimney

  • +254-72646****

    02-05 15:59:12

    kweli alipata dawa ya kumtuliza,,,,,nowonder hasumbui wanawake celebs tena

  • Queen_sprinkle

    02-05 07:40:45

    cutie though the tattoos.have never seen benze imecratchiwa hivi.unless she ain't a christian read leviticus 19:29 it's prohibited in the bible.you will understand why.before you answer bla bla it's her life oooh leave her alone motivational speakers.let it since ein your head.btw sinanga wivu.

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