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Tanzanian Gov't Finally Admits Presence of Many Patients With Breathing Difficulties in Hospitals | All Comments

2021-02-02 17:48:59
The United republic of Tanzania under the strong leadership of president John Pombe Magufuli has shocked many people around the globe over the manner of their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Few days ago, president Magufuli emerged and confirmed that in ...
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  • GUEST_dd79bM9V5

    02-02 21:35:51

    When they are brought to Kenya for treatment, they should be charged 500 times of our normal charges. They have closed our boarders, killed our driver's n Chicken, blocked KQ and it is now pay back time. Hawana qualified doctors nor Good Hospital like Kenya. Tuko juu na ndio sababu ya wivu! or over dose them of still joke around

  • GUEST_0pjAAwaaD

    02-02 19:40:16

    who is this idiot you explain as covid and denie the same look at this fool

  • Knowraha

    02-02 19:15:10

    Look at him!

  • GUEST_baAr9ZGdM

    02-02 19:26:20


  • EldadOmollo

    02-03 05:44:13

    why are you magnifying what you read and didn't hear and why are you so much concerned with covid-19 in Tanzania? Are you a Kenyan or Tanzanian? If you are a Kenyan then concentrate your propaganda in Kenya don't spread nonsense in neighboring countries stupid, there's a lot of covid-19 news in Europe and america, you can spread that, jinga wewe.

  • DavidNdakalu

    02-03 05:11:45

    Tanzania is the only country in Africa messing us up in managing COVID 19. If they could have cooperated before and followed the international COVID 19 prevention guidelines ,we could have been very many steps a head But since they don't have these procedures that's why Kenya and Uganda and its neighbouring countries are really affected. Magufuli has killed Africa and especially eastern Africa due to his arrogance of impunity

  • GUEST_kWB3pG7Ld

    02-02 23:42:33


  • GUEST_JAepmd0op

    02-02 19:43:04

    Tanzania putting its citizens in danger of a covid 19 boom.

  • KawelaSaidSuwedi

    02-03 07:37:25

    Breathing with difficult what is it now pneumonia? Haaasssss ok

  • BenjaminKibias

    02-02 20:09:36

    Magufuli mwishoe afungua kifuli.

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