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Osoro Speaks Out, Reveals What Will Soon Be Done to Him For Fighting Arati | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:41:34
Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Simba Arati has opened up, a day after engaging his South Mugirango counterpart Sylvannus Osoro in a fist fight. The two fought at the funeral ceremony of Abel Gongera, father to Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi in Ki ...
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    02-02 18:25:12

    I have said that in some corners what arati said will have caused deaths and injuries to many people including baba and Ruto. He should be held responsable so that he does not think that he is a hero. opening a wound especially at a funeral in kisii it is dangerous and he knows that.

  • CharlesMacharia_12

    02-02 19:04:06

    Arati is a known stupid mannerless goon.... who should not be given a chance to address the public. hustlers nation

  • GUEST_exJvGngnl

    02-02 17:43:26

    When Osoro was attacking and abusing President and Raila nobody denied him to talk. Osoro please grow up

  • GUEST_OWN68ro3o

    02-02 18:51:16

    Osoro's juvenile/adolescent behavior is not welcome in kisii politics.

  • GUEST_e7aleBYJL

    02-02 18:16:49

    That's normal,were now days getting used to that kind of behavior of uhuru and raila government

  • GUEST_gbQB2PeQ1

    02-02 17:51:12

    osoro.. dont worry.the cells are there for men and women.they will try and finally get off

  • georgeodhiambo_02

    02-02 17:52:26

    Osoro is a high priest of sycophancy, atajua hajui

  • EvansAyora

    02-02 17:42:29

    This osoro displayed His stupidity in public, If he can not learn from the kicks he received then he is useless

  • AwunyaDenis

    02-02 18:14:57

    Folks can we proof our votes matter by voting out all idiots

  • +254-71282****

    02-02 19:10:52

    at least osoro managed to stop arati from speaking against Rutto

  • GUEST_Oboo0G9a1

    02-02 18:53:38

    the people of south mogirango pls vote out this idiot so called osoro

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-02 17:40:08

    Mr Osoro u showed immaturity.

  • GUEST_wwYWEbpn9

    02-02 20:46:03

    Osoro was cursed by kisii wazees...

  • GUEST_NPY6on0W8

    02-02 19:58:50

    Simba erratic is to blame, for stretching erratically tolerance level of tangatanga diehards beyond elastic limit.

  • GUEST_gP3rxWDo6

    02-03 12:34:57

    Arati for governor 2022

  • +254-71282****

    02-03 08:02:31

    was arati justified in insulting Rutto what osoro did was fair. though he was pushed down by governors bodyguard

  • EuniceWanza_02

    02-03 05:47:52

    Both of you are wrong! That place was not a political venue but a burial place where respect for the departed is of uttermost. Apologize to the family and Kenyans!


    02-03 04:24:34

    Osoro you are young boy in the field of politics, Arati is your medication pumbavu sana wewe. Go on and vote for your thief, Am sure even your wife will vote for Baba come 2022

  • GUEST_y7z4eAv5R

    02-03 01:26:15

    iinstead of giving Kenyans future '?ur fighting for ur political survival.BBI ISEME"kama wanachi watapewa mamlaka ya kuwang'oa anytime ".nitaissport

  • GUEST_9nzLxWrKO

    02-02 21:33:41

    Arati didn't address the mourners from the onset. His speech was not even veiled. It was a bare knuckles attack on the Dp. I saw the foolishness of Arati when he attempted to separate the role of the DP from that of Raila during the pev. What he said depicted a complete lack of leadership.

  • Ngaira

    02-02 20:34:38

    Noo, Osoro,no one will arrest you, for what? you got instance justice there.hio kichapo cha mbwa ulipewa mpaka ukazirahi kwa mkeka mwekundu kilitosha,hakuna kushikwa.

  • +254-72173****

    02-02 20:26:28

    Osoro should mature in politics when he was attacking Raila nobody else wake up for a fight.

  • +254-72540****

    02-02 20:13:54

    osoro is useless kabisa. he caused drama in a funeral. south mugurango please vote this man out. he is immature. nobody wants to arrest him.he just need piblicity.

  • PeterKwinga_01

    02-02 20:07:49

    How coild they know you would attend utoto

  • Amanimargaret

    02-02 20:01:45

    eeeeeeh wenye nguvu wapishe...ODM shd just do a reality show 💥💥💥💥💥

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