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The First Kenyan President Who Ruled Kenya For 6 Hours And Was Hanged Legally(Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-14 08:31:30
He is better known through a photo in which his slender chest is tacked in a white shirt complemented by a defiant smile.Fists in the air, he makes the aluta continua salute in spite of handcuffs. ...
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  • GordonJuma

    02-14 19:37:35

    No one can do such,may be miguna .

  • VincentAyua

    02-14 12:52:14

    A senior private taking over the government? You're not serious

  • DanielOkinyaOmondi

    02-14 18:08:32

    what's your motive to bring that history, by now.

  • Horsefield

    02-14 23:11:42

    Informative. b4 now, have never heard of this soldier. I should research on him.

  • RobertVictor_01

    02-14 20:01:22

    Wrong mathematics can lead to grave. Be sure of your working.


    02-14 11:55:48

    He is one among the heroes of kenya

  • dontteachmenonsese

    02-14 19:01:33

    wetin you gain

  • [email protected]

    02-14 18:31:03

    Poor death.


    02-14 16:39:38

    Kenya needs mens like Ochuka

  • +254-72329****

    02-14 16:25:21

    that's very bad attempt rule!

  • +211-92487****

    02-14 12:53:34

    But it was bad to hear that he was killed by hanging why not to put him in prison for live so that we follow what was behind his mind to make coup in kenya . what l know its was a trible hatred which may late him to be killed the family must asked Tanzania goverment to apologise for that.

  • +254-72092****

    02-14 10:53:23

    Even those who participated in hinging him are no more, thanks kifo hana ubaguzi

  • LamptonErinayo_01

    02-16 06:29:33

    ....he should have fled to south Sudan for exile... would have survived... poor man.

  • Hoskamela

    02-14 20:26:53

    That was his last assignment on earth, it has been written this is how he will ended.

  • GUEST_QrxazzG7j

    02-14 20:20:11

    That's the spirit of a soldier. The killer died too though in ahonourable way, but death is death.

  • GUEST_53l4aaYE4

    02-14 18:44:43

    Tanzania should apologize for sending him back

  • RichardGakamu

    02-14 16:17:57

    Riz our Constitution mandating as such,

  • AwuouLeek

    02-14 13:15:49

    To pick up unripe fruit in wrong times can harm especially when a person makes wrong calculations.

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