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"I'll Return your wife to you after 2022" words that made Muthama to nearly fight Kalonzo | All Comments

2021-02-11 06:17:00
The Ukambani leadership is undergoing turbulent times due to the current and ongoing political affiliations in the community.The region that was initially united under Kalonzo Musyoka, wiper leader, has been shifting allegiance lately with some leaders dru ...
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  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-11 09:48:37

    Kalonzo was trying to communicate to Ruto who thinks he is equal in the kamba region through Muthama.

  • GUEST_8O1j8OXWv

    02-11 10:13:34

    muthama exhibited all hustlers behaviour. They are so irritated why? Osoro in kisii misbehaved and in machakos muthama is at it again. so funny isn't it? and those are signs of apparent loosers. All husttler men are matadas. They inherited from khalwale.

  • PeterNgetich_05

    02-11 09:40:04

    Kalonzo ni msherati. He stole the wife of his friend.

  • TrizerThuku

    02-12 05:36:34

    Kalonzo, mind your tongue!

  • GUEST_aM1OLxwrl

    02-11 15:26:29

    he wanted to do it like Osoro

  • LukeMwangi

    02-11 12:28:27

    Kalonzo is starting to lose it. He has lacked agenda to present before people so he ends up speaking nonsense...


    02-11 20:39:37

    Mr kalonzo should stop this ridicule playing with some ones wife is like playing with fire let kalonzo tell his people what he has done and what he is going to do more but just gasping the air is purely nonsense stlye up when it comes to family

  • GUEST_aM1OLxwrl

    02-11 15:24:55

    muthama and his Tanga Tanga sycophants all possess high tempers

  • Pakazume

    02-11 12:22:04

    sorry to say but kalonzo is a man made politician, he rides and servives on political waves he is not man enough to stand on his two feet.Alone he can not Mach the likes of muthama. How he became the kambas political kingpin, only God knows

  • DavidEdwards_01

    02-11 11:55:25

    These tangatanga have high voltage temper... We will cool you very soon. How would you rule this country when given the opportunity if you're ready to fly your weak fist on your fellow due at the slightest provocation? Better power be handed over to the military because with you at the helm even oxygen will be given at a cost...


    02-12 04:17:29

    Melon kalonzo went overboard and he should act as a respected leader if he really is trying for a post wants respect. Muthama has helped him for many years and should leave his family to sort themselves. Melon the frustrated one

  • GUEST_l1RpeP4D5

    02-11 12:24:34

    I think that comment about returning someone's wife after use is below the belt, and meant to attract the reaction that he got.

  • CharlesGichigi_01

    02-11 10:59:38

    ujinga ya kalonzo

  • BenjaminNg'etich_02

    02-11 10:33:22

    you're stealing somebody's wife then abused in puplic madahrau

  • kiriminjoka

    02-11 16:24:58

    no man has a right to ridicule another man on matters marital esp.if wife was stolen and be expected to go scot free, muthama you had a right to get angry

  • +254-72090****

    02-11 12:39:50

    So he is the one who took MUTHAMA'S wife.

  • nicekenya

    02-11 11:41:09

    but its wrong to ridicule a fellow man. kalonzo didnt do good. men have ego, its wrong.

  • JamesKanumi

    02-11 10:40:09

    I think there is a spirit in ruto's handouts in karen that is radicalising his followers. Now muthama after Osoro.

  • PhilipOwino_01

    02-12 16:11:03

    in politics its about clapping and booing and jeering and cheering , and whoever gets the most clapping and cheering even if he abuses your mother , he or she is considered to have won.

  • GUEST_w34wG3vz5

    02-12 10:34:02

    So you had married her?

  • DouglasKambiti

    02-12 08:57:30

    it's not fair talking about somebody's wife yet in front of people. It just proves how Kalonzo is so vain. As a respected leader you must weigh your words before talking.


    02-11 18:46:44

    even the simbas are in ukambani. seems he enjoyed what happened in kisii. one day you will be in such fix. you will have a story to tell Mr kalonzo. few days ago you were at DCI. why? you have forgotten

  • PeterIbui

    02-11 18:10:20

    Kalinzo needed to be careful with his utterances.Why did he provoke Muthama in that kind of statement.?


    02-11 17:51:48

    You can't b proud of taking another man's wife.

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