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ODM Party MP Rejects BBI Report as He Discloses This About IEBC & Uhuru-Raila | All Comments

2021-02-17 03:55:56
Owen Baya, the ODM Party elected Member of Parliament in Kilifi North Constituency has become the first Mp in the Coastal region to publicly announced that he won't support the BBI Report. ...
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  • Moonews

    02-17 06:48:19

    it means they regards citizens as their family stuffs to dictate everything on them

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    02-17 07:54:52

    BBi is big scam

  • JamesManingo

    02-17 07:15:21

    hahaha do we need peace, after each and every elections in Kenya we live by fear. why can't we behave and decide for our future.

  • DanielTarus_03

    02-18 20:24:04

    Going by what is now going on in county assemblies and Parliament is evidence enough that we nolonger have have people's representatives in people's representatives but thuggs, period.

  • GUEST_4D2qqP8nM

    02-17 12:41:11

    Peace without justice is pure stupidity

  • patomatakoonyi_01

    02-17 07:41:50

    The Mp recently defected to tanga tanga brigade and has to sing the hustler narrative for him to continue receiving handouts,We have scarcity of independent minds in the current parliament

  • Cleka

    02-18 19:50:28

    2021 question of the year award bbi is passing on since no MCA is rejecting it after ......................... (10 marks)

  • GUEST_aJ9WwOYgo

    02-18 03:09:11

    Willing baya, willing seller. Huyu jamaa amenunuliwa!

  • GUEST_392bXpalA

    02-17 07:41:07

    Baya should should know the wheelbarrow nonsense will not save the people of Kilifi either. The hustlers boss has the poorest development record so far after eight years, he done nothing!!!

  • BenIkasi_01

    02-17 15:46:52

    we the people on ground are waiting, if they want us to pass it I need my 200k

  • GUEST_XrVlRWgd3

    02-17 13:45:41


  • GUEST_bGgQlw2B9

    02-17 10:45:39

    bwana si unge ongea mambo baya ndani ya haya maandisi tena kuzuri ndani yake pia alafu unge uliza watu wa neo yako hiyo maoni yao. my friend you represent people so your opinion doesn't matter but their opinion. HAVE YOU CONSULTED WITH THEM? ama ni arrogance ya kupiga kifua tu?

  • GUEST_4D2qqP8nM

    02-17 12:42:50

    Justice precedes peace ..where there is balance there is harmony

  • EverlineNatasha

    02-17 08:34:26

    Shame on u baya. Just go and hant 4 your handouts


    02-17 07:23:14

    we should ask our selves who causes this fear? and why is it only during electioneering season? after knowing that then we will know what to do and how to handle it.bt without thinking big of this we will not change.

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