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Popular Kikuyu Musicians in Messy Separations Over Infidelity and Fights | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:13:17
Divorces and separation amongst Kikuyu artists have increased. Lately, there has been a lot of scandals surrounding artists as pertaining to their social and family lives. Musicians from the Kikuyu community have been in the news on issues marital lives, i ...
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  • LukeMwangi

    02-02 19:01:59

    Gospel musicians and preachers separating, divorcing and remarrying at will... God help us!

  • GUEST_bXeOdwqa9

    02-02 16:43:38

    Loice Kim wewe ni ile group ya girls wa Muslim Girls if sare huyo,and would skip classes and spend your time in the front seat of Eastliegh matatus.Deny that Loice you got impreginated by a matatu tout of that route and you went on to sleep even with his fellow touts.Useless woman you are

  • sonofaking

    02-03 06:24:50

    be careful while marring a singer .if she find someone with a good pocket my friend .you will here stories you never herd

  • GUEST_bXeOdwqa9

    02-03 04:06:56

    M.Lincoln,you married a close relative of the kaprimate,a bush baby

  • GUEST_bXeOdwqa9

    02-03 04:04:27

    Aaron ulikosea kudrop huyo wife,but am soon taking over I know where she is oprating from along Kiambu Rd

  • GUEST_bXeOdwqa9

    02-03 04:03:04

    Muthoni come out in the open you are a reknowned husband snatcher

  • +254-072294****

    02-03 02:03:47

    this is 2 much

  • The_Updater

    02-02 20:24:23

    Thumbs up to the Author... good article


    02-02 16:17:23

    pressure pressure and demand of social life

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