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ODM Senator Ledama Reveals Why He Ignored Raila's Meeting in Narok | All Comments

2021-02-14 18:57:59
Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has come out to answer his critics on why he did not attend a political meeting at his Narok county convened by party's leader Raila Odinga today. ...
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  • PatrickOduma_01

    02-14 21:29:33

    Ledama thinks that when joins Tangatanga team he will be able to to be elected Narok Governor due to large Kalenjin population in Narok County. Surely, can he tell Kenyans what Raila wronged him? Bure kabisa tumbo furuta.

  • GeorgeAtancha

    02-14 20:42:10

    Yes!.......There is time for everything as there is a right tool for the right purpose. Does Ladema qualify be a right person for the right purpose or.....?

  • GUEST_jw62PJw5N

    02-14 21:52:00

    Now that it will those who have produced president vs those tribes who have not. Where does he fall😂😂

  • GUEST_v4OO9oXaR

    02-15 03:18:32

    Baba ni kwake. Achana na sisi, chepkeres


    02-15 01:45:28

    Ledama we are watching u, usijidaganye??

  • GideonNdambuki_01

    02-15 06:25:03

    ledama also want wheelbarrow for the Maa community?? how is it suitable for pastoralists surely?? some leaders are running insane

  • SPTJohnn

    02-14 20:52:17

    I don't what is his problem

  • PeterNgetich_05

    02-15 02:25:08

    Ledama don't be cowed by this idiots intimations. Stand firm and defend the rights of Kenyans. Raila is not going anywhere. We are behind you.

  • StephenKemoi

    02-14 22:36:27

    Ole kina. Stand firm atleast you have proven that you are not a cow.

  • GUEST_vG0YX43lW

    02-15 01:10:43

    Ledama ole Kina keep up with your conviction. It's great. One doesn't have to always agree with the sponsoring party.

  • GUEST_zvlGRO7v6

    02-14 21:34:08

    narok is rift valley.he knows that he stands almost a nil chance outside the rift valley king pins band wagon m.si there is nothing like principles from ole kina.he is just a sycophant like all politicians

  • GUEST_ooYbMaPyj

    02-14 20:12:24

    Ledama ni wetu no matter what? Again no matter which party he's, we shall vote for him. In fact last election I gave him my vote and he was the only person I gave my vote for odm. People votes for a particular person ,but not party

  • GUEST_vxady4DJX

    02-14 20:47:18

    Ledama ole kina has refused to be a cow. At least there are still some humans in odm.

  • GUEST_Qb2aLnw3v

    02-15 04:29:06

    Ole kina maa is strong nation .....dont agree to be intimidated ...I like your style .....where were odm going when people are celebrating with their families..... as if wami ishiwa na wakati.


    02-15 01:29:23

    kazi Ni kazi vs baba Ni baba.

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