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Celebrations in William Ruto's camp as a prominent leader joins them | All Comments

2021-02-06 13:24:57
The deputy president has gain maximum Support in recent times.He has received a considerably good number of Politicians who deflect from Orange Democratic Movement( ODM) party and ' kieleweke' to join him in his hustler movement. ...
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  • WilfredSila

    02-06 14:46:34

    They join or are bought?I av always listened to LootAll speak and i never heard anything constructive that can make anyone support him.98% from his mouth are pure lies and insults.


    02-07 11:21:03

    odm will groom others who will taken over. nothing to lose.

  • PatrickOduma_01

    02-06 20:30:50

    Baya is a Tangatangata man ever since.

  • +254-71133****

    02-08 14:23:56

    I pity them.

  • +254-72696****

    02-08 15:59:56

    let all of them go,,,take even baba🤣🤣

  • jkodero

    02-07 07:08:21

    Your name betrays you.... Meno nje

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