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Why People Get Stuck During The Act; It is Scientific and Not Witchcraft | All Comments

2021-01-20 09:54:04
Couples getting stuck during the act is a common issue that has been happening since time immemorial although it is rarely reported. In Kenya, this condition has always been attributed to witchcraft especially if it involves a cheating spouse. However, it ...
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  • +254-72258****

    01-20 11:50:09

    If scientific why does it by 100 percent occur in occasions where the two are in an illicit afair and Never where the couple is married?

  • R.S.A-MyCountry

    01-20 11:45:13

    Another rubbish article

  • GUEST_qMLrRVa6k

    01-20 12:20:44

    fake doctor fake scientist

  • Christalone

    01-20 12:45:03

    if it is scientific, why are Europeans and other continents not experiencing it except Africa?

  • 0906078****

    01-20 12:40:27

    There's usually no tension and anxiety when married couples copulate, and this may explain why there are no cases of this mishap among spouses generally.

  • OnyiAdida_01

    01-20 12:40:34

    This happens even with couples only that it's not reported

  • SoccerPowerHome

    01-20 11:46:40

    excellent 🔥😂😂😂

  • AbdubaCharfi

    01-20 19:41:33


  • @Nunugo

    01-20 17:41:16

    Nobody gets stuck.It is stage managed to stop african women from cheating

  • RaymondNgare_01

    01-20 19:35:51

    I can see some truth in the explanation . Do not rubbish it .

  • GUEST_0Eyz4xzMo

    01-20 18:27:00

    How come the situation usually changes when the culprits are taken to a matanga?


    01-20 15:34:11

    Somebody is trying to explaith the dark forces of Africa! We mean business in remote controll and mechanisation in the so called dark continent.

  • GUEST_j59YJwbGE

    01-20 14:47:35

    Your explanation is logical I quite agree with you sir

  • +254-079939****

    01-20 14:42:07



    01-20 13:59:32

    You don't know what you are saying. Please go and sleep with a woman with that evil power in her and then try your method before concluding that its not witchcraft.


    01-21 15:30:05

    Why is it unlocked when some rituals are done by the lockers .Fake scientific study by the doctor !

  • DominicoChidakuza

    01-22 22:38:10

    Human intercourse was not designed that way by God. The explanation fits may be that of dogs

  • GUEST_Lpj95a45n

    01-21 19:34:52

    Let him go to meet reality,, not those daydreaming

  • GUEST_Lpj95a45n

    01-21 19:33:23

    Completely different from that of witchcraft,,, go to Kenya,, you will explain nice...

  • +27-62377****

    01-21 11:18:42

    so why is it the moment doctors try to seperate the stuck couple the two will end up dying?

  • GUEST_P9rrNbXp7

    01-21 11:11:44

    Absolute rubbish. Can you tense for 2 or 3 days? Fear or apprehension usually cause the punishment to go limb so why does it not in the number of cases reported?

  • GUEST_onaOy62PB

    01-21 10:07:09

    Remember dogs after the act logic

  • GUEST_00dKarN0G

    01-21 08:56:34

    not true...so why does only those cheating get stuck? i have never heard of married pipo who got stuck...

  • ChrisphineOpondo

    01-20 23:15:38

    not sure

  • AmosKipropKoech

    01-20 22:05:24

    You don't know what you are saying

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