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Uganda Police in Trouble as Former Presidential Candidate John Katumba Makes the Following Statement | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:53:50
Photo: Former presidential candidate John Katumba Ms. Farida Nakazibwe of NTV Uganda. John Katumba, the youngest presidential candidate in the just concluded presidential elections emerged number eight with 37,554 votes which is 0.36% of the total votes ca ...
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  • AlianaAgnes

    02-05 00:54:33


  • GUEST_Qv8AVd0Jy

    02-02 18:05:46

    katumba stop yr diversions please.bobi for president


    02-02 19:18:05

    katumba oyeeeeeeee. but totukooya genda okuule amanyo

  • SarafarakaSaeed

    02-02 18:24:10

    hahaha all around the battle of the success

  • GUEST_rN65Oaor3

    02-02 18:07:12

    time waster

  • FaridaKasirye

    02-06 09:24:21

    He fulfilled his work of being a puppet and he was payed well unless he is becoming abandwagon like the one he posed with

  • KaziroJamiru

    02-05 15:37:06

    time wastage get something to do

  • GUEST_z90pBxRXe

    02-05 15:25:19

    katumba you are the same with Mr. Museveni so get something to do tomalira budde

  • GUEST_Qb2aLnw3v

    02-03 11:16:15

    You want to sue police but you dont know who...... Seems you are good at law.

  • GUEST_zvZp8ly1d

    02-03 05:31:07

    Good move

  • OwenMbambe

    02-02 19:42:01

    let him fulfill his vision, one day his dreams will come true, may God bless him to accomplish his mission.

  • JacobtTishosanja

    02-02 18:44:42

    come on youths

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