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Reports:-Arsenal Star Ruled Out For Remaining Season | All Comments

2021-02-06 17:43:02
Premier league games are unpredictable as Arsenal continue to face difficulties under Mikel Arteta.The gunners have lost another game three days after losing against Wolves.The gunners have lost their 10th game, this is the worst performance the club has h ...
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  • Rfmodule

    02-07 04:21:59

    Arsenal have many average players. The owner does not want to invest in the club. Look at what usmanov has done to Everton after leaving arsenal

  • OmoniyiFabiyi

    02-07 12:18:28

    I don't know what is wrong with this partey self


    02-06 23:58:45

    nonsense team with nonsense signings all year round.i dont even know the kind of scouts they have at Arsenal that they dont know the kind of players with winning mentality to sign.

  • OmobhudeJohnson

    02-07 06:56:16

    Arsenal has not be that lucky with this player.

  • Bascobas

    02-06 23:58:46

    Arteta remove your hand from your pocket there's no time for for that now you have failed the whole Arsenal supporters all over the world before the league end Arsenal will lose more games

  • +234-702522****

    02-08 14:09:02

    Partey is feeling that mood that says had i know

  • JamesOgbe_02

    02-07 12:42:27

    but wetin dey this arsenal with injury self any player that comes most go injury

  • hashimchucho_01

    02-06 23:26:56

    finished the game? u ain't crias

  • NanaCA

    02-06 21:36:47

    Willian for you. He's gone off from his good days

  • GUEST_85rZozqyy

    02-07 05:47:23

    this guy every game injury banange sell him fast fast money wasted 🙄

  • victornhliziyo

    02-08 22:30:52

    Aston villa, West ham United, Leeds United, have a lot of average players but they're in good positions on the log standing

  • AjiboMichael_01

    02-08 08:10:48

    the worst club so far, arsenal both the owner , the manager , boy in the pitch they are not useful to us the fans for now

  • [email protected]

    02-08 06:45:43

    have been saying it from time to time arsenal chairman has ruin the club with average players and coaches so therefore I quit

  • RainKisser

    02-07 18:02:12

    Are u OK? what has ur headline got to do with what u wrote

  • GUEST_emkmVb5J7

    02-07 05:59:17

    We don't have a coach..we have an interpreter who was learning from Gadoila...and he is now being exposed..why loan NILES a player who can switch to Left ..centre and Right and retain rotten and confused Elneny ..Berline..

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