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Why Mzee Ojwang Died Poor Even With Ksh 50,000 Salary | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:48:40
July 2021 will mark 6 years since vitimbi actor Mzee Ojwang died. Benson Wanjau, alias Mzee Ojwang who passed on in July 2015 died a very poor man despite having an illustrious acting career spanning over 30 years. Many Kenyans blamed KBC, the company he w ...
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  • BensonWaweru_03

    02-02 17:11:47

    of what benefit is your post.

  • GUEST_rO2yewR6B

    02-02 20:20:06

    Sasa 50k u call money in this day and age!??Surely some people!!

  • KenyaMan

    02-02 18:51:35

    No need to spoil for him. We want to remember him as one who made our days bright.

  • GUEST_ypOKNR8er

    02-02 15:21:04

    mmm let him rip

  • BenjaminKibias

    02-04 08:05:25

    It happened, so? let him RIP.

  • GUEST_ZQRl5j1Jq

    02-03 14:34:47

    I hate rumour mongers. Shenzi wewe

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