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Bibi Ya Mtu Sumu: Soldier Kills Close Friend For Allegedly Having an Affair With His Wife | All Comments

2021-03-16 13:38:25
Kirimi Gikangu, a Recce police officer has been arrested for killing his close friend after suspecting that he has been secretly 'chewing' his wife when he is away. ...
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  • Scaramanga

    03-16 16:45:14

    best friend dead,soldier will die in prison ,wife will this time be chewed by even worst friends

  • GUEST_3DnnMmEp1

    03-16 15:39:01

    wanawake ni wengi


    03-16 17:03:48

    men can never keep off each other's wives. when a man cheats he opens gates for the wife to cheat. His friends and familiar people are the ones who give the wive a shoulder to cry on. Men will always die that way because of indiscipline

  • BensonGichuru

    03-16 17:21:51

    the soldier is the looser .the wife will soon forget him n chewing will continue with another man!

  • GUEST_rZJRrJmdb

    03-16 14:45:14

    But it happens

  • GUEST_9y0pDJ7a2

    03-16 17:23:45

    Bibi ya mtu poison

  • GUEST_rZJRrJmdb

    03-16 14:45:24

    Soldiers are so busy

  • maldiniinvescoltd

    03-18 00:34:21

    That is murder How do you take someone you suspect of chewingy our wife to your

  • GUEST_mv2KmLYwO

    03-16 18:50:29

    wanaume wameru Ni wajinga Na wenye wivu nyingi.they usually accuse their wives falsely hata. mabibi zao wakiwa wazee .

  • GUEST_rZJRrJmdb

    03-16 14:45:39

    Ni best friends hukula

  • GUEST_rZJRrJmdb

    03-16 14:44:55

    Waah best friends sumu pia

  • GUEST_Lym204nR3

    03-17 09:04:24

    a fool officer,he will rot in jail and the wife will be eaten by enemies.


    03-16 18:26:24

    Thats a man mi ningehakikisha risasi imepitia kichwa ya hao wawili niende kamiti

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