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Kenyans Defend Saumu After Senator Anwar Said This About Her | All Comments

2021-02-17 06:47:01
The past few days have been traumatic for most people as there have been numerous deaths, starting from Haji, Nyachae and many more have been buried. ...
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  • LydiaWambugi

    02-17 13:40:52

    A real man fights with men not women. Anwar is an idiot

  • DaudiWanjohi

    02-17 18:02:56

    His name suggests to me that Anwar Oloitiptip ni wale wa Porini, remember his dad hard a violent issue akalimwa risasi- Am shocked his mother is a very hardworking respectable Lady..

  • +254-72092****

    02-17 14:36:11

    Ata Mimi siwezi vumilia Kama saum ako na tabia za babake

  • GUEST_LeR70J64y

    02-17 11:23:25

    This is a police case,if she is sick and you are tired of her,take to hospital and then back to her parents.No justification to batter her please.


    02-17 09:57:14

    poor saumu pole some ppl are heartless they are not who we think they are

  • GUEST_eJW1mvdPa

    02-17 09:53:11

    Inhumane being....how can you justify domestic violence....IAM sure no woman will vote for you come 2022

  • +254-72906****

    02-17 13:32:45

    Men are just men even if you lick their dick they'll just look back on another woman's buttocks..

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