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Nominated Senator Hon Isaac Mwaura Resurfaces With Bad News to Uhuru's Government | All Comments

2021-02-17 17:39:34
Vocal senator full of controversy has resurfaced with worrying news to Uhuru's government.The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are back with their fiscal conditions. ...
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    02-17 20:43:25

    If/when you end up in a deep hole, IT IS WISE THAT YOU DO NOT DIG since you will go deeper. UHURUTO have put us into a deep hole these past 8 years. Electing William Ruto as President would be DIGGING US DEEPER INTO THE HOLE. He was/is a CO-PILOTS (Not makanga) in the JUBILEE administration that begun OVERPRICED public projects some of which were designed to enrich them and their henchmen. E.g. Medical Equipment Services etc. Don't vote for WSR who is part of the problem NOT THE SOLUTION.

  • JobMachini

    02-18 08:37:04

    And warthogs are telling us to vote them in again 😭😭😭😭😭.

  • vincentogema

    02-18 10:49:22

    Useless man now talking in anger because you no longer belong to the government you were before, shame on you.

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    02-17 20:56:10

    Hand shake brought us here now we are using a lot of money for bbi while the Constitution has not be applied fully

  • Xxxy

    02-18 14:38:13

    Hon. Mwaura has bn in Jibilee all along. The Finance Minister was a Tangatanga brigade, with which he associates. He now wants us to believe that the president is solely to blame. He had appointed a Minister f finance to advise.

  • GUEST_4vAzLqxbV

    02-18 02:37:12

    useless. it's now you want to speak as if you care for Kenyans! Because your nomination was cancelled! Jubilee got us where we are, not handshake not anything else infact handshake saved us now we can get the true story otherwise no one would know.

  • FrankKiminda_01

    02-17 19:01:34

    Hon.Mwaura,anti ya punda nimateke,let see 2022 which party shall have mercy on you and appoint as........I blame the president for appointing and PM Hon Raila for not knowing the kind of a guy you are let us see your next move

  • Anonymous009

    02-20 10:10:35

    Ni makasiriko tu akikumbuka next week angekua anapokea mshahara nono, atulie alijitafutia hii maneno

  • GUEST_7bVoy2V46

    02-19 19:36:38

    When you get lucky to go up the Mountain, respect the formula.You may require it your future exams.

  • GUEST_eyBJ1ZRn4

    02-18 05:22:38


  • N.O.I.C

    02-22 12:24:14

    endelea kuseek relevance ,but if they won ICC what can worry them

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