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Thousands of Working Employees to be Sent Packing as Government tries to Curb Financial Crisis | All Comments

2021-02-06 09:45:29
As one of the steps to ease the financial crisis facing the world, the government plans to send home thousands of non-teaching personnel from all public universities.The Treasury made a request to the universities to sell their idling properties, including ...
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  • +254-72294****

    02-06 19:18:40

    BBI is seeking more employment seats for MPs and executive but sack poor Kenyans who are the actual servants nkt

  • GUEST_9AxoG3lJy

    02-06 20:25:16

    Imagine Kenyans people who retired July 2020 have not yet paid,any single cent ad yet we hear bbi has car packages for others.tuombeeni our grandsons/daughters.

  • MuriaKen

    02-06 19:57:26

    How will the government run without hustlers Revenues? Or are the dynasties planning to sell Kenya?

  • NgetichPeterMenechwen

    02-06 18:14:02

    And the BBI proponents are telling us that BBI is going to create employment.

  • JaneMK

    02-07 05:43:39

    Corruption and theft of public funds is the culprit here. Two billions stolen daily can go along way in paying civil servants. Instead of sacking civil servants, catch the thieves and stop corruption. Bring in the looted cash stached out of the country too.

  • GUEST_a60jjDDRd

    02-08 08:11:13

    BBi to create more jobs and yet the government is laying down thousand workers,better Ruto is to empower the hustlers for them to depend on them selves,those who are doing white-collar jobs will join the hustlers after being layed off.The government can't pay their workers,where will they get the 35 percent to send to the counties.Kenyans think about it before you pass the BBI.

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