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Kalonzo Reveals Who William Ruto was to Daniel Arap Moi | All Comments

2021-02-04 13:31:06
Photo: Former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka (Facebook/Kalonzo Musyoka). In Kenya's present geopolitical sphere, William Ruto is among the most watched and talked about politicians courtesy of political abrasiveness and style of politics. With 2022 electio ...
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    02-04 16:46:29

    So Ruto is sold everywhere as a manifesto even in memorials... great the son of sugoi.


    02-04 19:02:39

    Truly WSR is Force that has shake all politicians . That is the way to sell a good idea. On all platform Ruto must be mentioned. In the precess of destroying him. You end up selling him far ad wide.

  • GUEST_QkDXoa423

    02-04 17:22:12

    Mr Kalonzo Sir, approach hustlers issue soberly stop witch hunting.

  • GUEST_51ROEpj0P

    02-04 15:49:50

    that's not news to us get real

  • PoliNews

    02-04 19:15:44

    He is radicalising youths with his ancient Marxist political ideology for have not against haves classical war that will slowly and slowly gain momentum and finally burst to full war.....he will then use these radicalized youths to bargain for power with violence allover. What's your take?

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-04 17:36:50

    U can write all u want but what Ruto is preaching will catch up with u when the violence started by Boda Boda will reach UA door step no one is immune.

  • +254-072365****

    02-04 16:43:22

    this one has lost direction

  • Dshaps

    02-05 02:58:35

    guys..we can't claim we love "God"only on sunday..that's what were doing..kenya is not a "person" ni mimi/wewe..Mimi sina "chopa" may b u..but all of us will have nothing if we don't act like "kenyans"..believe you me..we will ombana/tea in a tent..God forbid..Djibouti..

  • NikKibiwot

    02-04 19:42:01

    Oooh, how I thought some people were very learned.... It's a pity


    02-04 19:28:20

    Ruto is going nowhere my friends can't be a president in Kenya not even a single minute

  • GUEST_8dQvOmkZZ

    02-05 17:05:17

    Ruto is smart......


    02-04 23:17:55

    Am ok with this theory but put it in mind that in today's kenya the DP is a gifted orator and he reads from the ground and not fame what you should know even moi was jealous to have a son like

  • yorubaa

    02-04 18:00:14

    uhuru should know that kalonzo, raila among others hated him and diserted him in 2002 when moi blessed him. its only ruto the one he hates now that stood with him to the end.


    02-04 17:11:44

    Why talk about Ruto in every corner? Why are you scared of him? Ama wataka yeye pia awe watermelon apite katikati?


    02-04 17:11:40

    kalonzo is lost.

  • GUEST_4XVk95qY6

    02-05 10:33:18

    Lack of what to Post

  • SylvesterKirwa

    02-05 04:03:02

    2022 no to watermelon, nusu mkate or handshake jipange my friend.

  • JosephYegon_01

    02-04 17:55:28

    They ran away 2002 from Moi after Uhuru was named KANU candidate for president. Him and Raila are now busy courting Uhuru and pretending to be holy !!


    02-04 19:58:43

    does these old men have agenda for Kenya apart from talking about Ruto? Ruto has not even refuse BBI all that Ruto is saying can the table for discussion be widen include all class of people. not Raila and Uhuru sitting inside and pretend they are representing everything in Kenya.no no and no. these dynasty will see real dust come 2022

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