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DP Ruto's Hustler Nation Allies Visit Mike Sonko at Kamiti Maximum Prison (Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-04 15:53:15
Embattled Former Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was locked at Kamiti Maximum Prison on Wednesday 3rd February, from Gigiri Police Station, pending investigations and trial. (Photo, Courtesy) The detention of Mike Sonko has sparked lots of debates ...
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    02-04 18:08:57

    mighty God bless and protect our beloved Duputy president and the entire hustlers nation.

  • EricoSangura

    02-04 19:24:51

    The arms scandal syndicate is done at D.ps office and led to death of Kenei. Investigation should be done because tangatanga must be planning to cause violence in the names of Hustler nation.

  • SamuelNgugi_14

    02-04 19:16:21

    wasenxi wezi wakuu wanamlilia mwixi mwenxao. watanyakua hadi Dunia ishangae wakipewa ushukani

  • martinodhiambo

    02-04 18:23:26

    how many people are in prison all over Kenya do the same to other prisoners they are also Kenyans

  • ZinyorMwash

    02-04 18:28:17

    I hope terrorism charges shall sail through so that you may continue visiting him as he wished for a life sentence..ambia police awafungulie cell muingie mpeane pole yenye umeenda shule

  • DavidKatei

    02-04 18:27:24

    Those visiting sonko in the name of solidarity are fools out to confuse Kenyans that integrity does not count as far as leadership is concerned. Kenyans are also Keen to understand why the tanga tanga movement is crowded with crooks and known thieves.

  • Abosissyndrome

    02-04 19:24:00

    Another miguna treatment , the difference is that this time round it is happening to a kenyan.

  • CorneliusMbuvi

    02-04 18:22:27

    I thought photography is not allowed in such places, cause of security purposes

  • Gitwamba

    02-04 19:15:14

    viongozi wa picha matusi Bible verses na kuladalada

  • GUEST_173nblmjA

    02-04 19:26:25

    They should stay at least one night with him as proof that their solidarity is for real.

  • +254-070837****

    02-04 18:26:26

    tell him to respect our president

  • GUEST_4NnwXMoGm

    02-04 18:14:11

    hapa Kuna maneno.

  • +254-71457****

    02-04 20:20:12

    wakamba na kiherehere yao

  • RichardWinston_01

    02-04 17:57:57

    plz all hustler nation go and see former governor sonko to comfort him and promise him all will go well and God always forgives us whenever we go into astray.we know the court is going and release him in bail so comfort him all these are passing.

  • GUEST_2aJkqqkG7

    02-04 19:38:19

    Why are people so quick to condemn Sonko and try to appear to justify the allegations against him, yet his trial has not began? Those wishing that he be convicted and jailed for life could be in for a big surprise. Hold your horses and follow the story without subjective rancour.

  • GUEST_ZMyedyEr8

    02-04 18:42:46


  • EvansAyora

    02-05 04:05:01

    they went for handouts from a man in jail,they would have advised him to be majure instead of visiting a terrorist in jail

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