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'It Will End In Tears'-Kenyans React To Leaked Report of Uhuru's Alleged 2022 Pick & It's Not Raila | All Comments

2021-02-04 09:37:36
President Uhuru Kenyatta.  With less than two years remaining before the 2022 general elections, there have been widespread reports that President Kenyatta is no longer keen to handpick his Deputy as his Successor when his time finally comes to an end.  ...
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  • GUEST_VvWKen7Lk

    02-04 12:55:19

    The best president Kenya can have is only Ruto if he stop involving himself in corruption

  • GUEST_drWLjzL9R

    02-04 18:53:26

    Those two are Relatives

  • +254-072****

    02-04 17:46:12

    Then why pick moi, again if it's about time for other tribes, we wish them well, but Hustlers will pick there candidate, we meet at the ballot period, we 'll show dust.

  • patomatakoonyi_01

    02-04 15:15:53

    As long as it's not chief of economic crimes,most Kenyans have no opposition to the likes of musyoka and mudavadi being president

  • GivanGilead

    02-04 14:26:40

    You preach the gospel of Ruto to deaf ears, brave Kenyans are not inclined to change their opinion on William Ruto. A thieve is a thieve wether in a sheep or a wolf skin.

  • VinnyVin_01

    02-05 06:17:58

    Mudavadi is discipline only that he DON'T know how to mobilise n Raila n Ruto they are not good president but sharp to mobilise people. Honestly Mudavadi can rescue kenya from economy crisis

  • GUEST_3JeaQv5ly

    02-04 18:51:28

    pipe dream,hustler hoiyeee

  • DanielGithuthu

    02-04 18:50:21

    He (Uhuru)was a project in 2002 but miserably failed same will happen to his project.


    02-04 18:45:56

    with Gideon the way is impossible Mr President


    02-05 09:55:44

    My comments, Kenyans are the voter and have their votes in their pockets Uhuru has one and a few from both families and friends let's wait 2022, 5th President of Kenya H.E William Ruto.

  • VictorRonoh

    02-05 04:10:51

    uzuri wote ni wakenya

  • GUEST_RZgeyplad

    02-05 04:05:51

    Kenyatta awachane na kiti pole pole aede kwake awache viongozi waingie kiwanja tuwachague like Kibaki did.

  • GUEST_Y1A60ykrr

    02-04 21:55:04

    kenyan now cannot elect this offspring of greedy hyenas,watajua kenya ni ya wakenya,it's over for them.

  • GUEST_eBgpNvkn3

    02-04 20:48:37

    Only sound mind preaching da gospel of Dr mukhisa I do pity u in both dynasty vs hustler mediocrisy... You a nightmare to da progress of our nation shame on you

  • FaramangasWatchie

    02-04 18:29:44

    pure hypocrisy & total idiocy


    02-04 15:11:51

    Gideon n mdvds would buy forever the hope of fighting corruption in kenya. Kenya RIP

  • EvansAyora

    02-04 18:12:32

    it will be fair than picking Ruto the wheelbarrow man

  • ThomasOpondo_02

    02-05 06:46:20

    The only state house bid that will succeed is for the NASA brigade to work together to win or divided they shall fall as a brick of cards. Right now greed is setting in their ranks that is surely making Ruto to salivate and beginning to see some light coming his way towards the end of the tunnel. NASA brigade don't let the evil spirited devil worshiping stinking hyena in sheepskin mesmerize you and grab the coverted price ponyoka you and return back to the Rift Valley where it shall this time round stay like forever until after your life times.

  • MuindiRichard

    02-05 05:58:17

    you tuliona kitambo,lakini uhuru ajue Kenya niyawanainch samoi ndie prezo wa 5.

  • LukeMwangi

    02-04 18:19:24

    When Moi made Uhuru his project, he failed very miserably. Somebody inform Uhuru that MDVD is failed reject. History still repeats itself.

  • GUEST_k8BOOza6g

    02-04 17:54:54

    Yes, the two are in the circle of two brothers but there is another one, he will be known with time and it is only God who chooses a leader, let them also not forget that


    02-04 15:24:04

    I foresee the great downfall of the dynasties.

  • GUEST_g8k1xg5ax

    02-04 17:11:57

    Mvd & stivo /Gidi best choice for economical growth in the country Kenya / prosperity according to my intelligent thoughts

  • GUEST_mrdEKkkLl

    02-05 06:35:08

    Dead on arrival. They will never win.

  • Jean01

    02-05 06:17:37

    we will not go for some one we don't know.we knew his father not him.this sit got it's pain to get it..

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