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Good News to the Families of Uganda's Former Presidents as President Museveni Announces the Following | All Comments

2021-04-01 06:18:25
President Yoweri Museveni has directed the families of the former presidents to be paid 1 billion each as an appreciation of the role they played in developing the country, Nile Post reports. ...
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  • GUEST_GWwZRndnl

    04-01 08:57:02

    He is looking sympathy so that he can keep ruling by force

  • SammyNyongesa_03

    04-01 10:52:03

    April fool's day


    04-02 05:15:42

    Congratulation to the families and manys thanks to excellence prisdent m7am ur supporter for ever

  • GUEST_95wQ0gkKa

    04-01 15:22:36

    m7 and team make life difficult for everyone,only a few benefit from government services, what kind of initiative is this one.after butchering so many ignore souls,they still have the guts to play on people's minds.if m7 and team know how miserable life is undesirable.they would have paved for a better political atmosphere.but they only care about themselves.after a long period of suffering for these former presidents' Family, there is now a thought of rememberance ,and recognition.anyway without reasonable doubt, we need change from this regime.because they can't please us anymore.


    04-01 07:35:36

    Mr President sir, What about the chiefs in villages, they were also making roads passable. Families also need appreciation for their parents' role

  • GalaMasud

    04-01 20:00:49

    this is long overdue.simply trying to clean the image of the government.

  • AndrugaMogga

    04-01 13:52:24

    atleast museveni is preparing for recognition after presidency that's wonderful work

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