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MP Who Defeated Simba Arati In A Parliamentary Fight Some Years Back | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:30:45
Unveiling the past event of Dagoretti North MP Hon. Simba Arati is the yesterday' s trended occasion where he caught the media' s attention for having beaten South Mugirango MP, Sylvanus Osoro who tried to disrupt his speech in Kisii. Simba Arati attacked ...
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  • JashHussein

    02-02 20:19:39

    let kimani njunjiri try second round u see simba c paka

  • GUEST_VQ98pk6lk

    02-02 18:54:57

    kimani ngunjiri,Oscar sudi wamacukuru mp fo kabete hawajachangia chochote bungeni,ila huku nje wanaongea sna

  • yorubaa

    02-02 18:26:01

    we need a boxing tournament for our parliamentarians,

  • georgeodhiambo_02

    02-02 17:18:55

    Does Kimani Ngunjiri contribute in parliament??


    02-03 01:09:50

    Simba is a true Lion 🦁🦁 in the jungle!! A true Kisii politician who will step in Nyachae's shoes 👟 to defend Abagusii from Ruto 🕺🤺!!

  • 184300

    02-02 21:55:17

    We demand for a rematch .That idiot need to learn that the Lion has matured and does not bite like a woman in labour .

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