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Reactions As Ruto Man Reveals Raila's Health And Whereabouts | All Comments

2021-03-19 05:20:02
Tangatanga Blogger and a close Ally of Deputy President William Ruto, Don Kamau, has reveal Raila Odinga's whereabouts.In a short Facebook post, blogger Don has mentioned that 'Odinga was re-admitted back to hospital'.Check the screenshot below. ...
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  • +254-072852****

    03-19 07:28:00

    Tuna kuombea upate navu maramoja ili upate Kuna Dp Ruto akiapishwa 2022

  • JuliusNyambu

    03-19 12:46:59

    I know Ruto allies are pray bad to Raila But pepo atashidwa

  • GUEST_8dPjrEBqp

    03-20 08:09:00

    Mzee you are old enough rest at home its now evident clear that you won't rule Kenya at time in Kenya. Forget your dreams sit down and focus on writing some good books of politics.


    03-19 11:53:29

    don't bother yourself telling us of his health because Raila doesn't hide his sickness.

  • catherinemugwika

    03-19 12:48:56

    get well soon baba.

  • PeterBunguswa

    03-19 12:01:29

    Quick Recovery Baba

  • GUEST_RjqENbaB1

    03-19 07:12:39

    Are those who were in his company under quarantine??? Or the small people are the ones subjected to it??

  • GUEST_q97oVN23Q

    03-19 20:36:34

    Praying for Yu baba.qr

  • AlbertMubei

    03-19 18:49:25

    who are these people joking with lives of others because of politics.They ought to remember that they too are candidates of death;it is only God who determines our well being.


    03-19 12:30:46

    Where are the masks?

  • GUEST_9ealEamPX

    03-19 11:46:55

    fake,how comes they don't have masks??

  • FrancisMuigai_01

    03-19 09:18:02

    though you became my enemy after joining the government but you are not good when in hospital so quick recovery. Na ukipona ufanye kazi yako.

  • GUEST_Ro0y2poNb

    03-19 08:07:56

    ATTENTION! ATTENTION ! no water points in Nakuru within CBA.in bus stops just a tank with no water nor soap.It is horrible outside Ardhi house . Overcrowding seen outside the main gate .pls Hon. Mutahi kagwe talk to the Governor of Nakuru he doesn't seem to care.

  • +254-72090****

    03-19 07:08:04

    If YOU are sick tell us so that we can pray for YOU.We are getting tired of leaders for thanking us for praying for them and they DIDN'T tell us when they are sick.We know through bloggers.


    03-19 18:27:16

    We need u jokom

  • NgireWillisOwino-Ong'or

    03-19 14:18:42

    stupidity has no bounds


    03-19 13:13:38

    Don't worry about tangatanga team.we love you baba get well soon tinga


    03-19 12:26:35

    We pray for the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

  • GUEST_ER082oyzR

    03-19 09:59:45

    Corona imekuwa political disease... get well soon na uache kubishana na mavijanaa. let them lead the country.


    03-19 09:02:33

    Quick recovery our leader

  • JohnMuchira_02

    03-20 06:33:51

    Strong baba

  • EcullistusCheruiyot

    03-20 04:40:34

    Bbi is a stressing move baba hawajane nayo

  • GUEST_E7a1gXRwv

    03-19 18:41:24

    Too unfortunate that people are politicising on other people's health life. May God forgive you for not having a merciful heart.

  • wilsonchepkwony

    03-19 14:13:16

    Quick recovery baba

  • HephzibahMwai

    03-19 09:32:46

    kweli mnakuanga na mambo

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