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Sad News As Another Vehicle Plunges Into The Indian Ocean [PHOTOS] | All Comments

2021-01-13 12:41:04
It is yet another alarming incident at the Likoni channel as a trailer plunges into the Indian Ocean on Wednesday early morning. According to the report by Citizen Digital, the vehicle plunged into the waters after its driver lost control while trying to m ...
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  • Dodii

    01-13 18:37:04

    Huyu pilot wa ferry na mshuku

  • GUEST_x9P6Jk1Wa

    01-13 18:32:05

    Next time ferry itazama ikijaa watu

  • JustinaMwendwa

    01-13 14:35:13

    What is going on here?!

  • GUEST_wQEbpgEAk

    01-13 20:22:23

    Ajali popote inaweza tokea nikuomba mungu tuh atusaidie

  • GUEST_gWo4W7kJj

    01-13 15:51:24

    Mombasa X

  • LinahNamusisi

    01-13 15:15:44

    aiiii naongopa sahi kuenda ferry

  • TitusIkapel

    01-14 10:27:48

    Oceans tides is the main cause here.Geographers si you ellaborate it further to us.............maji Njaanuari yako mbali so the place iko steep alafu na hawa madriver wetu wa kubahatisha#watapata taabu sana this month

  • GUEST_o8ZjmbXpJ

    01-14 06:48:08

    mm cjakuweka katika no kma waisabikss😜🤣🙏

  • GUEST_o8ZjmbXpJ

    01-14 06:47:28

    mbona wahanyaa kiparaa

  • GUEST_94AZ8qeKZ

    01-13 20:24:33

    itaitisha kafara

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