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Tension high in Tangatanga camp after Jubilee party takes this move ahead of 2022 | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:52:18
Kenyans have put their trust in political leaders to take care of their resources.Contrary, political leaders have been hovering around using abusing words while insulting each other over the presidential race come 2022.Political class have been showing Ke ...
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  • nathankivava

    02-02 18:31:39

    Where are summons for omanga. N'garisha jubilee.

  • GUEST_62B0z7GBN

    02-02 15:49:05

    These surmons and impeding disciplinary measures in jubilee are reminiscent of those days of Jogoo when oloo aringo, shariff nassir and their ilk would hound you out of kanu for alternative views. no wonder someone said kanu will rule for 100yrs and another one compared kanu to mugumo tree.


    02-02 15:45:16

    fake jubilee party. Tuju amemaliza jubilee.

  • GUEST_Ge6AdJP4j

    02-02 15:29:57

    All the other 4 should be summoned the like of Sankok,omanga kina ndindi, ichungwa Waende.

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