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Drama as a Form Three Boy Ruthlessly Beats Up Teachers After They Asked This From Him | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:39:34
A student from Rwabiti high school in kirinyaga county will be spending time behind bars after he brutally attacked his teachers. According to sources the incident occurred in the morning after he was requested to hand over a phone that he had in school. T ...
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  • DpRuto

    02-02 17:31:53


  • AmohMitielo

    02-03 16:09:17

    Kwani Mikono ilichomwa ama naona aje.

  • +254-74217****

    02-02 20:44:54

    Now they are beating teachers and soon they will beat the government. Outfits like alshabab could have started like this.

  • EvansAyora

    02-02 19:24:37

    Ruto has thought them to be hustlers

  • JimmyMutuku

    02-02 19:03:00

    meaning of Rwambiti ?

  • +254-72268****

    02-03 09:59:04

    Kenya spared the Cain, see what she spoiled. some of us parents have a share here. you find a parent talking to their teenagers as if they're talking with their masters. some even take instructions from them timidly thinking once they group they'll change.

  • dansey

    02-02 20:56:19

    wah they were almost cutting off blood supply to the arms with a rope

  • JuliusNyambu

    02-02 19:21:51

    Student should be expell

  • WangilaIgnatiusWekesa

    02-02 18:38:02

    does the criminal needs his face being hidden

  • +254-71739****

    02-02 18:18:27

    this is what the government wants for to bring spoiled kids, question of children beating up a teacher is very serious and we want to know what action the government will take, and if my son is among the group after suspension the government should take him for free

  • GUEST_509mY9NpE

    02-02 18:12:38

    Lets hit them harder than thy do .

  • GUEST_509mY9NpE

    02-02 18:11:50

    It is so sad, I believe strongly that , the society should be hard on these children of ours.,otherwise the whole system will die.

  • GUEST_N7jNGrlnm

    02-02 18:11:50

    hustler he is!!!!

  • GUEST_jBKQGx71x

    02-02 17:33:57

    Jail this thug

  • DpRuto

    02-02 17:32:04

    Some thing is dead serious

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