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"We Were Promised Ksh 2,000 And A Wheelbarrow By Babu For Causing Chaos," Says The Youths | All Comments

2021-01-14 17:08:51
Some youths have confessed that they were instructed by Babu Owino to cause mayhem at UDA party headquarters in Nairobi. They further narrated how they were lured into the act after they had a brief meeting at Uhuru park. The youths who were from Embakasi ...
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  • SevenGeorge_02

    01-14 19:50:45

    mtatia akili, babu ni nani mpaka awadanganye hivyo, this guy is no good and his jealousy towards hustlers will take him nowhere and probably he won't make it to parliament again in the next general elections because he has proved to be a failure

  • bgdr...

    01-14 18:36:20

    This is a sign of violence amd and woe to them who are beginning it

  • GUEST_m3Y8J5zkw

    01-14 20:46:23

    Ni kawaida ODM kufanya hivyo.

  • VictorWillisOdhiambo-WildcardSnr

    01-15 19:47:52

    Hapo kwa wheelbarrow sasa inaonyesha wanadanganya.

  • GUEST_RxobZjZ5z

    01-14 18:27:30

    This is a blame game

  • ArabellaChelsea

    01-14 18:26:28

    Tired of this silly politic,leave us alone.


    01-14 20:45:25

    Babu please leave our children alone from your evil deeds don't let them be like DJ Elvove


    01-14 20:20:19



    01-14 20:20:07


  • HephzibahMwai

    01-14 19:06:41

    I see hague reloading...Sasa we don't know who is speaking the truth

  • Danieljones

    01-14 18:31:10

    write something of importance

  • Guestlife

    01-17 09:36:42

    odm hasn't forgotten its hooliganism, they own it and it belongs to them 😜

  • GUEST_BlKEge2R2

    01-16 23:44:18

    stupid hustler narrative eill burn our country if pokiticians do not torn down t heir rgetorics

  • GUEST_pE85K9YB4

    01-16 07:03:55

    We all know where to get wheelbarrows but not Babus side.


    01-15 16:53:00

    Dog babu in action

  • ZebzChek

    01-15 14:17:55

    you were paid by ruto's ally's to speak falls against Babu.....after all Babu owino hajawai campaign na wheelbarrow......back to the sender!!!

  • +254-72090****

    01-15 09:48:12


  • cypriansitima

    01-15 09:36:44

    odm lost momentum long time ago

  • GUEST_w0vYgBjYb

    01-15 05:26:02

    ODM should accept they are on the loosing trend, violence would not help.

  • GUEST_0Z1d1zVO5

    01-15 03:53:18

    Bob owino needs to be arrested for the act

  • election2022

    01-15 03:45:08

    uncircumcised,and stupid ,if you are given 2000ksh what for then you die for nothing and because you are lazy you don't want to work tumikeni

  • EvansKaino

    01-15 02:36:37

    how can goons with ODm t-shirts claim that they were going to UDA offices to demand payments? same case as food poisoning in kikuyus? kamanda and Raila should be held responsible.

  • PeterNgetich_05

    01-15 02:03:30

    This thing owino should be castrated. Muhindi jinga. Enda kwa mamako chura wewe.


    01-14 22:31:30

    I think there is another of rubbish and nonsense in these takataka, first they said it was maina kamanda,Mara bishop wanjiru,Sasa it's Babu?? what all these rubbish are they kids they don't know who sent them

  • GUEST_1AQ8gBNq9

    01-14 20:42:52

    raila has been deceiving uhuru, that he has opened his heart kumbe urongo

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