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BBI Co-Chair Dennis Waweru Issues Fresh Details About President Uhuru's 2022 Succession in Mt Kenya | All Comments

2021-04-07 08:27:29
Building Bridges Initiative Secretariat Co-Chair Dennis Waweru has issued fresh details about President Uhuru Kenyatta's succession revealing what the Head of State plans to do when it comes to strategically placing his community in his succession race. ...
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  • GUEST_AB9qg8Aa2

    04-07 14:01:54

    Hamna Tena tumehielewa


    04-07 16:20:58

    Keep up Denis it is tough job training to inject intelligence into some dummies determined to always remain brainwashed and singing tunes they don't understand.

  • HillaryTerer_01

    04-07 16:01:57

    what about the other communities...who will represent them ama sisi si wakenya....???

  • JuliusMuthee

    04-07 14:38:55

    atakuwa kingpin wa kwako nyumbani

  • GUEST_gAZ4w7wjX

    04-07 14:12:32

    Huyu upuzi wa mtu mpotevu Nairobi anasema nini. Kibaki hakutaja Mtu wala he didn't campaign for anyone not even MCAs in othaya. Ujinga Peleka mbali

  • kwestapsogek

    04-07 14:11:04

    I thought presidents community is Kenya 🤔😮☹️😳

  • GUEST_ZqpJlgg2j

    04-08 08:50:54

    Kibaki was for musalia so let waweru not cheat us

  • PatrickKamau_09

    04-07 15:26:01

  • JohnN.Kuria

    04-07 15:22:22

    When did Former President Kibaki endorse President Uhuru? I wish Waweru can produce Video clips to prove that. I don't think this endorsement will ever succeed with the new blood.

  • Cnty50

    04-07 14:52:30

    So this Waweru is that foolish, He talks of community endorsement, jinga Sana, UHUNYE should park and go,at the end of his term,and end his poor politics, if any responsibility not public,

  • edkat

    04-07 15:32:37

    Inooro TV mnajiangusha sana.Why bring a habitual liar to openly spread lies.Happenings on the ground are quite different.Uhuru isn't the Mt.Kenya kingpin.

  • MwangiMbuti

    04-07 15:09:53

    Endorse for Uhuru's interest or community's interest? tûtigithie!!!!!!

  • DavidGicini

    04-07 14:37:28

    Which community are you talking about? Kenyans are one community, politicians wanjinga kama ww ndio huleta chaos nchini.... And for your information, no politician in mt Kenya qualifies to be endorsed for the highest seat... Any politician who talks about certain community in Kenya ni mgonjwa akili... We Kenyans are brothers and that's why you experience intermarriages

  • JesseNjuguna_01

    04-07 10:45:09

    Uhuru in which mt Kenya...huu upuzi wa ku endorse uliisha we want right minded person....the worst regime...amalize aende nyumbani na vibaraka wake useless shenanigans


    04-07 09:46:13

    Is he a BBI secretary or 2022 successor inform maintain your succession is for Kenyans not individuals.

  • DrJmkwasi

    04-08 03:22:31

    laughable.Eti my Kenya leader's .whose leaders.If one has nothing to say it's better to keep quiet.we are tired.

  • DouglasKambiti

    04-07 18:46:35

    Kibaki never endorsed anyone. The old manhas respect for Kenyans' constitutional right of choice. And he would never demean himself by forcing a leader to Kenyans. That's why we have great respect for him

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