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Kenyans React After Miguna Tweeted This. | All Comments

2021-02-05 05:55:46
With Mike Sonko still behind bars and not permitted to get any form of special treatments, some top notch politicians and lawyers have come to his defence and support the former ousted Governor of Nairobi. One of the people was lawyer Miguna who penned dow ...
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  • EldadOmollo

    02-05 12:36:59

    miguna miguna thinks sonko is now an angel, before sonko was a thug who should be in jail. who can trust you miguna miguna? may be your wife.

  • +248-279****

    02-05 14:19:31

    It might not be true but his talking too much nonsense and he doesn't have respect even to head of state i use to support him but now no way

  • GeorgeAtancha

    02-05 08:33:25

    Meantime, Sonko was a crook and a thug in your campaigning trail but now he is a saint ever. This shows how your mind will be swayed by cattails once you take leadership, Miguna

  • EldadOmollo

    02-06 18:45:35

    better a cow than a hyena like you

  • GUEST_ejov4qmw8

    02-05 12:53:48

    Sonko is innocent until proven guilty!

  • Makomuonobunde-omuono

    02-05 14:13:43

    Take Miguna seriously at your own risk. He has a gift of contradicting himself shamelessly.

  • GUEST_Nld98qBDJ

    02-05 19:49:30

    Our President must be respected he is the head of Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

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