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Nairobi Business Community Warns Those Hurling Insults to Uhuru | All Comments

2021-02-05 07:13:44
The political temperatures in the country have already started to escalate ahead of the upcoming 2022 general elections and the anticipated BBI referendum. As various political Leader such as Raila and Ruto continues to align themselves as a way of seeking ...
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  • NdumiaWambugu

    02-06 07:04:39

    This amorphous group of self seekers should preach respect to all.

  • eHyhhRTH8tPFl0faTazyUn24qAR2

    02-05 21:35:55

    they want 2m granted to them

  • GUEST_5aMJ1lr19

    02-05 18:37:55

    Business community?? Those are the cartels

  • GUEST_eyBJ1ZRn4

    02-05 16:42:32

    Yes,the Nairobi business community has done the right thing. We want to see and hear from them regularly and especially the fellas with dreadlocks.

  • IsaacMugambi_01

    02-06 05:43:06

    They will only sit back to see him insult others?

  • LokopirotSamson

    02-05 18:13:40

    Are they the same tribal groups like the Kapedo bandits?

  • GUEST_KrqM6bqYy

    02-07 12:47:20

    Business community ????, From which part of Nairobi ? Wake up , you are over taken by event . The same way you can not watch , the same, business community of the whole Kenya , can not look and watch while their DP is humiliated, after working day and night to make sure Uhuru click to power.

  • johnchumba

    02-06 06:07:37

    cartels.this are the sameones who threw sonko out

  • DanielWanyoike_02

    02-05 20:44:08

    President MUST be respected ever no matter what.

  • GUEST_Ak8wzzWxb

    02-05 17:15:55

    Business community?!!..what is relationship between you and urezo.....semeni jina yenu kamili...tunawaonea mbali

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