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"My Mom Sacrificed Money Raised For Her Cancer Treatment Just To Take Me To A College" Man Confesses | All Comments

2021-02-14 17:54:24
Emotions have run high after man by the name Morris Kariuki confessed how his mother sacrificed her cancer treatment funds just to take him to college. ...
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  • HelenTeresiaMunyivaMukosi

    02-16 19:58:55

    we celebrate your mum with you here ,she did a good job.Rip.And happy valentine to you.Your mum was so special.

  • MimiChosen

    02-15 05:12:54

    But, is she still alive?

  • GUEST_zzQolM45a

    02-15 10:53:03

    pole Morris Angels are with her,work hard,touch patients with cancer in her rememberence.

  • GUEST_nYprzMjza

    02-14 21:23:09

    she is or she was?

  • Kairitu

    02-15 08:34:28

    The love of a mother, nothing beats that.

  • GUEST_O5AXdmA9z

    02-14 21:52:11


  • eHyhhRTH8tPFl0faTazyUn24qAR2

    02-14 20:37:42

    there's so many mothers out there living miserable life, just help one.

  • GUEST_ge2vG2jjj

    02-14 19:35:31


  • GUEST_2qllGlPOE

    02-15 10:18:44

    Morris, try and do good to a cancer patient somewhere and your mother will be be happy wherever she is. Keep on with your life man you where loved

  • FaithWambua

    02-15 05:30:39

    start assisting women out there as a way of saying thank you


    02-15 05:05:04

    Very sad😭😭😭our parents are our heroes

  • HelenTeresiaMunyivaMukosi

    02-16 20:02:42

  • RodaKaveni

    02-14 20:26:21

    so sad

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