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My Biggest Mistake Was to Bring Wolrd Cups to Africa- Blatter | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:02:39
Africa’s allegiance to former FIFA boss Sep Blatter stems in part from the continent’s rich history of engagement with FIFA. In the age of decolonization, newly independent African states asserted their national sovereignty and global citizenship by jo ...
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  • 08033******

    02-02 18:19:47

    since all they can wish to us is backwardness, am also wishing them Corona virus of highest order.

  • maxxmen

    02-02 18:40:34

    With you or with out you, it would have still come, or are you the one who brought UN to Africa also?

  • BasseyUdomaSen

    02-02 18:44:57

    God bless you Brother! I will always be proud of you

  • [email protected]

    02-02 18:32:03

    Boss Blatter , u have a place in Africa, and ur Great Grand children unborn... My biggest mistake was to bring World cup to Africa and I am proud of that .

  • MarshalHaruna

    02-02 17:39:21

    Their father... Corona go soon kill all of them. The whole world will soon belong to Africas dan uban su

  • GUEST_KgKVbdg5a

    02-02 17:25:18

    Unfortunately, we did know of this. Now we know, we will deal with the African enemies.

  • Dotzydee

    02-02 20:00:45

    This white supremacist doesn't have any good things for black people except dominating and oppressing, but it's a pity that born to slave African leaders are never thinking about it, the only things they are after is stealing what belongs to their people, blacks will always serve as a slave if we don't change our mentality.

  • OluyemiAkin

    02-02 18:54:24

    Thank God to have created us black. Some of us fear God while still fear satan the handmaid of God Almighty. The whites often fall to the anointing of Benson Idhahosa, EA Adeboye, Pau Eneche, David Oyrdepo, Olukoya TB Joshua and many anointed men of God. They have to respect the anointing of black people from God Almighty.

  • Wizjâh

    02-02 20:10:20

    White people never wanted blacks to rise, so coronavirus will keep destroying them

  • GUEST_N8m7BleAD

    02-02 18:56:26

    Africa will soon rull the world. Despite the hatred by the white supremacist

  • 0806523*******

    02-02 18:48:11

    Thank you for doing what you think is fair even though you were hated for it. Great leaders were never loved by all.

  • francismokwe_01

    02-02 20:49:57

    no sir, your greatest mistake was trying to run Fifa forever, you refused to leave after spending almost five term in office. who does that if not greed?

  • GUEST_L4KX1nW41

    02-02 18:01:57

    God bless you sir,

  • oj.com

    02-02 19:56:08

    😭.. my african people don't understand this.. their forefathers enslaved our forefathers out of them is thomus fuller ... to develop their continents... and now their sons are blaming africa for underdevelopment... God who is going to fight repatration case of africa... this bunch of devil son will understand the pains the african great ground son is going through 😭

  • GrahamSamuel_01

    02-03 12:36:45

    they will never see peace Corona virus 21 will visit each of there families one by one till Africa becomes what God made her of

  • EmmanuelIchado

    02-03 11:26:18

    u av been there for over a decade yet u are not satisfied! u are very greedy!! is it your father inheritance?

  • AjayiOlasunkanmiPaul

    02-03 09:18:49

    bringing world cup to Africa was your greatest achievement bcos you did what your predecessors couldn't achieve for decades.

  • AnijekwuFelix

    02-02 21:05:40

    You are talking of being forced out after spending more than two decades as president.

  • KingsleyEzike

    02-03 15:16:55

    it is like the past and present gangup against Biafrans referendum and subsequent Independence, Britain is the chief oppressor.

  • Assigned

    02-03 13:19:00

    Not bringing world cup to Africa is Stepped Blatter problem but not knowing when to quit as FIFA President, & as usual corruption then & now.

  • GUEST_r8VPdV2o2

    02-03 01:18:25

    Africans are greedy and ungrateful. They will even curse the pot you give them to eat from.

  • GUEST_kmvPkE1MN

    02-02 21:54:34

    God Bless Blatter

  • +234-803596****

    02-02 21:44:47

    Africans are deeply hated by the White, but unfortunately, we hate ourselves too! Africa my Africa!

  • BarisuaNwikegha

    02-02 19:08:43

    the hatred they have for Africa is still in them,they should not worry soon Africa will lift that cup and they will cry more

  • GUEST_YW4pB7oew

    02-03 17:03:00

    God bless you Sepp Blatters. We Africans are human too, but Western racists don't recognize that. To help with them.

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