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DP Ruto Dismisses Formation of Coastal Party, Offers Them Powerful Position At His UDA Party | All Comments

2021-02-06 03:03:34
Deputy President William Ruto has been on a three-day tour in the Coastal region where he has held plethora of meetings from Kwale County to Kilifi and is today expected in Mombasa where he will carry out his political campaigns. ...
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  • GUEST_oQLb86lwN

    02-06 05:54:29

    Ruto, a political wizard.kiboko cha Baba😀

  • KidaliAmuyunzu

    02-06 08:14:21

    He claims bbi is sharing posts while he is distributing none existence posts like his project launching

  • BabaIgwe

    02-06 20:15:22

    Ruto let coast people decide their on fate.first help your people some are landless like us.


    02-06 06:07:58

    Let them also form their own part for them to Have voice you formrd URP then UDA , kwani wao shida iko wapi wakiwa na yao, you want To use them when they are partless to control them fully

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